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Set Your Threshold

March 2014 – Vol: 37 No. 3
by Jamie Swedberg

When it comes to branch security, do what retailers do: Allocate resources where they'll do the most good.

Dial for risk points to lowHave you ever noticed that when you go into a big-box store, there are only electronic tracking devices on the most expensive items? At Wilson’s Leather, for example, there will be a tracking device—sometimes several—on a $500 jacket, but the $29.95 leather address books are unprotected. Why? Risk analysis. The store has determined the maximum amount it is willing to lose due to theft, and it expends the majority of its loss-prevention resources to stop losses that exceed that amount.

“You don’t put a $5 marker on a $2 item,” says Dana Turner, security practitioner at Security Education Sy…

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