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Governance Published Info

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1st Financial CU Replaces Board Packet With iPad App

Tiffany Paubel January 30, 2015

Electronic board materials allow directors to keep their notes and more.

Four Easy Moves for Board Chairs

Les Wallace, Ph.D. November 03, 2014

Help in navigating busy board agendas, managing discussion, and freeing up time for more focused dialog.

High-Performing Boards vs. Group Think

Linda Moulin, CLU, CHfc, CSC, ICD.D November 03, 2014

5 ways to spot it, and a key way to combat it.

Leading for Change

Linda Moulin, CLU, CHfc, CSC, ICD.D August 28, 2014

How directors can support their organizations—and each other

Is Yours a High-Performing Board?

Leisa Goodman August 05, 2014

Use these touchstones as a starting point for gauging your board’s effectiveness.

Three Key Hats Board Members Wear

John Pearson June 30, 2014

A board’s annual affirmation statement should remind directors of three key roles they play.

10 Ways to Think More Creatively and Expansively

Michael Hudson, Ph.D. June 30, 2014

Tear down the walls that limit your thought patterns using these strategies.

Yes, ‘Orientations’ are for all Directors

Terrie Temkin, Ph.D. May 30, 2014

Tips for making sure board training is worthwhile for everyone.

Fostering a Culture of Board Learning

Lisa Hochgraf May 30, 2014

Continuously acquiring new knowledge is key to leading your credit union into the future, according to CUES Webinar presenter Michael G. Daigneault, CCD.

Board Member Annual Affirmation Statements Inspire Engagement (and Offload Dead Wood)

John Pearson May 05, 2014

Enhance director engagement and minimize board dysfunction by asking current and prospective volunteers to sign a document confirming their commitment.

Understanding Policy Governance®, Part III

John Carver and Miriam Carver January 30, 2014

The Carver model provides management with a compass for success.

Take 18 Months to Recruit—and Orient--the Best Possible Board Members

John Pearson January 29, 2014

When your credit union board defaults to recruiting available people vs. highly competent people, you’ll regret it. Here are four principles spotlighting how great boards take their time in recruiting great directors—and avoid disasters.

Examining Director Pay Part 3

Charlene Komar Storey December 05, 2013

Part one of this three-part series discusses the thin line between directly compensating board members and reimbursing certain costs. Part two digs deeper into what credit unions are providing board members and why they feel it is appropriate. Part three gives thoughts about compensation of one director. This article was first published in Credit Union Management magazine.

Building a Better Board in 'The Extra 30 Minutes'

Christopher Stevenson November 01, 2013

Learn about an easy way to incorporate ongoing professional development into credit union board meetings called "The Extra 30."

Guidelines for Providing Insurance to Directors

Stephen A.J. Eisenberg November 01, 2013

The health of a credit union depends on having healthy board members. NCUA sets forth guidelines for how and when CUs may provide them with health and accident insurance.

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