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Governance Published Info

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10 Ways to Assess Board Performance

Debra Beck, EdD

How would you introduce assessments into your governance process? It could be formal or informal.

10 Ways to Better Understand Your Board’s Culture

Debra Beck, EdD

Culture may be intangible, but you need to ‘see’ it if you want to make it better.

Junior Boards

Michael G. Daigneault, CCD

They’re not just for fun.

Developing Board Capacity Through Mentoring

Michael Hudson, Ph.D.

A five-step plan for ensuring that all board members—experienced and new—are prepared to succeed in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Leaders Helping Leaders

R. Scott Woods, CPA

South Carolina FCU’s volunteer advisor program helps create a dedicated and knowledgeable pipeline for future directors.

Governance Structure Ensures Member Representation

Ken Harding

Districts and delegates help local Affinity CU members be heard.

Members the Focus of Director Remuneration Process

Karen Hoffmann

Vancity reviews how directors are compensated for their service every three years.

1st Financial CU Replaces Board Packet With iPad App

Tiffany Paubel

Electronic board materials allow directors to keep their notes and more.

Four Easy Moves for Board Chairs

Les Wallace, Ph.D.

Help in navigating busy board agendas, managing discussion, and freeing up time for more focused dialog.

High-Performing Boards vs. Group Think

Linda Moulin, CLU, CHfc, CSC, ICD.D

5 ways to spot it, and a key way to combat it.

Leading for Change

Linda Moulin, CLU, CHfc, CSC, ICD.D

How directors can support their organizations—and each other

Is Yours a High-Performing Board?

Leisa Goodman

Use these touchstones as a starting point for gauging your board’s effectiveness.

Three Key Hats Board Members Wear

John Pearson

A board’s annual affirmation statement should remind directors of three key roles they play.

10 Ways to Think More Creatively and Expansively

Michael Hudson, Ph.D.

Tear down the walls that limit your thought patterns using these strategies.

Yes, ‘Orientations’ are for all Directors

Terrie Temkin, Ph.D.

Tips for making sure board training is worthwhile for everyone.

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