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Governance Published Info

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In Defense of Term Limits

Barbara E. Taylor

Term limits and policies to ensure board rotation have long been debated among credit union boards. While they’re not a perfect solution, they offer some important benefits.

A Board's Continuing Education

Bruce Lesley

Continuing education, which is most often either mission based or governance related, is an important way to increase the board's "intellectual capital." Doing it effectively will greatly benefit your organization through better decisions in the future.

Advice on Building the CEO and Board Relationship

Sharon Custer, CCUE

A long-time CEO describes best practices for forging a strong CEO/chairman team.

Making Things Right When Things Go Wrong

Barbara Wirtz

Making things right when things go wrong takes patience, perseverance, and most of all a systematic approach: 1) fix the person’s feelings first and then 2) fix the problem at hand.

Choosing and Implementing a Governance Model

Dick Ardisson

Fort Knox FCU Board Secretary Dick Ardisson describes the path his board took in selecting and putting in place its governance policy.

NCUA Rethinks Reimbursement

Lisa Hochgraf

Exceptions on compensation bar now apply to certain non-voting volunteers as NCUA rethinks reimbursement

Keys to Recruiting New Board Members

What are the best steps to take to recruit new board members? How to conduct a successful search.

Executive Sessions

Executive sessions are an important tool in effective governance. When is it appropriate to hold executive sessions and how can they best be conducted?

Carver Governance Model at Work

Lisa Hochgraf

United Nations FCU leverages the Carver governance model to focus its board on policy-setting rather than operational details, to the benefit of members.

Consent Agendas

David O. Renz, Ph.D.

Boards can implement this meeting tactic to “bundle” mundane and non-controversial action items for approval in one vote. Used properly, this approach allows the board to preserve more time for topics that require group discussion.

Associate Director Practices at PSECU

Greg Smith, president/CEO

PSECU’s board of directors use an associate director program to prepare and evaluate potential board members.

Managing Board Dynamics at Retreats & Committee Meetings

Barbara Wirtz

Managing group dynamics for productive retreats and committee meetings can require up to three proactive steps: (1) develop a shared commitment to applying the underlying principles of good group dynamics, (2) create a well-designed structure that supports good group dynamics for every retreat and committee meeting, and (3) bring in a skilled facilitator or ensure the group leader is skilled in group facilitation.

Director Financial Knowledge Rule

Stephen A.J. Eisenberg

There are many ways to comply

Internet Elections: Selecting a Polling Provider

Stephen A.J. Eisenberg

Three questions can help you decide whether to run your electronic election in house, with the assistance of a consultant, or using the product or service of a third-party vendor.

Internet Elections: Ballots & Balloting Integrity

Stephen A.J. Eisenberg

It is the duty of the board to approve the ballot format for director elections, and to ensure the integrity of the voting process itself.

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