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Governance Published Info

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Mentor Your Way to Board Development

Lois J. Zachary May 28, 2010

A board mentoring program can have powerful effects on directors’ leadership abilities.

Benefiting from Diversity

May 28, 2010

By understanding the power of diversity and by utilizing it appropriately, a board possesses the basic tools for creating a responsive and open-minded organization.

Persuading the Reluctant Board Candidate

May 28, 2010

Here’s what your board can do to attract talented director candidates.

Managing Board Member Complaints

May 28, 2010

Creating a culture of open communications can help to provide a forum for airing concerns and can help the board move toward ensuring accountability, integrity, and stability.

A Board Member's Code of Ethics

Jeffrey Defries May 28, 2010

The board of directors should be held to the highest ethical standards to retain the trust of credit union member/owners. A written code of ethics provides the guidelines for the expected conduct of directors.

Conflicts of Interest

May 28, 2010

How an organization manages conflicts of interest affects all aspects of its operations. This brief article outlines how conflicts of interest can arise when a director’s personal interests collide with the organization’s best interests.

Creating a Board Development Plan

May 28, 2010

A good board development plan will promote board members' continuous growth and learning. What steps should your board take to develop a plan?

Revitalizing Your Board

Jameson A. Baxter May 28, 2010

Although revitalizing the board through planned turnover, thoughtful recruitment, and inclusiveness is one of the biggest challenges a board faces, the rewards of introducing fresh perspectives and new energy are enormous.

The Role of the Board Chair

May 28, 2010

The board chair holds many responsibilities. This article provides an article of each of the roles the chairman plays

Officers: Board Leadership

May 28, 2010

Every board needs to plan for officer succession: how to identify leadership qualities, elect the best candidates for the positions, train the officers for their roles, and ensure timely rotation.

The Board Member Shortage

John DiConsiglio May 28, 2010

Many credit unions struggle with finding new board members. This article outlines practical steps to take to find new director candidates.

How to Motivate Your Board

May 27, 2010

Motivating board members help insure against burnout and ineffective governance. These ideas may help motivate board members and keep them caring, involved, and interested in the credit union they serve.

Informed Boards

Murray Kopelow May 27, 2010

Well-informed directors are better able to govern the credit union and enhance the effectiveness of the board. This article provides simple steps to help make sure board members understand their role and the role of the board.

Board Chair Performance

Jim Schwarz May 27, 2010

Evaluating the board chair is beneficial to the chair, the board, and the credit union because it provides the chair with an opportunity to identify his or her strengths and areas for improvement, but many boards struggle with starting the process. What are the steps your board can take to evaluate the chairman’s performance?

Making Room for Improvement

May 27, 2010

Board development should be a continuous process that cultivates the right knowledge and skills among board members. There are four components that can enhance any board development plan.

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