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Marketing your CU to Millennials

Jesse Boyer, president & CEO, DigitalMailer, Inc.

Original Air Date: 06/18/15

Join Jesse Boyer, President & CEO of DigitalMailer, Inc., as he shares his insight and guidance on effectively attracting, retaining and communicating with your current and future Millennial members.

Supplementary Materials: Link to Handouts  

CUES Director Development Seminar: An Overview

Les Wallace, Ph.D., President, Signature Resources; Facilitator, CUES Director Development Seminar

Original Air Date: 06/16/15

Join governance expert Les Wallace, Ph.D., and discover more about CUES Director Development Seminar, which is coming up Sept.16-18, in beautiful Savannah, Ga.

Supplementary Materials: Copy of Slides  

CUES 101 for NextGen Leaders

Kathryn Clancy, CUES Member Relations Director - Northeast

Original Air Date: 06/02/15

In order to progress in the credit union industry, you need to make your own professional growth a priority. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to pursue education. Take the initiative to learn about all of the development opportunities available to you.


Balancing the Top 5 CEO Responsibilities

Joel Trammell, Founder and CEO, Khorus

Original Air Date: 05/27/15

In this session, Joel Trammell will discuss the top responsibilities of CEOs and senior executives and how to balance them. Based on over 20 years of CEO experience, Trammell is a thought leader in the CEO space and has recently published an award-winning book, The CEO Tightrope, to provide a method and a guide around the CEO role.

Supplementary Materials: Copy of Slides  

The Internal Member Experience

Mike Neill, president and founder, MNA Inc., Atlanta

Original Air Date: 05/19/15

We’ll focus on what must be done to create a full 360 degree member experience, and cover:

  • The importance of developing a parallel member experience for internal service
  • Challenges to accomplishing an outstanding internal member experience
  • Key components to developing a great internal member experience
  • Developing an Internal Service Brand –the must-do piece in creating member experience
Supplementary Materials: Link to Handouts, Link to Handouts, Link to Handouts  

Delivery Redirect: Make Tough Choices Now or Perish Later

Sam Kilmer, Senior Director; Scott Hodgins, Senior Director; and Butch Leonardson, Director of I.T. Leadership; Cornerstone Advisors

Original Air Date: 05/06/15

As you look to remain viable in 2020 and beyond, resources must be realigned to survive and thrive in new business models. As revenue generation moves from physical to digital channels in 2020, these resources include the credit union’s preferred mix of channels as well as all internal resources needed to redirect, support, and leverage its future model.

This session will offer a better understanding of how to lead and manage significant investments being made in delivery.

Supplementary Materials: Link to Handouts  

Strategic Succession Planning

Deedee Myers, MSC, MA, PCC, Ph.D.; CEO, DDJ Myers

Original Air Date: 04/15/15

Watch and learn more about:

  • Timelines
  • How To Steps
  • Philosophy to Succession Planning
  • and more...
Supplementary Materials: Copy of Slides  

It's Time to Rethink the Goals of your Retirement Plan

Chad Lay, Retirement Specialist, CUNA Mutual Group

Original Air Date: 04/14/15

Watch and learn:

  1. The important measures of retirement plan success
  2. How to determine if your employees are on track to reaching a successful retirement on their terms
  3. How you can help to improve employee satisfaction and productivity
Supplementary Materials: Copy of Slides  

Protect your Credit Union from Executive Churn

Eric Earle, Executive Benefits Sales Consultant

Original Air Date: 04/16/15

Watch and learn how building a competitive executive compensation plan with customized, meaningful benefits will help retain and recruit the C-suite you need to best serve your members for years to come.

Supplementary Materials: Copy of Slides  

Fostering a Learning Board: Bd Development in a New Era

Michael Daigneault, principal/founder, Quantum Governance, L3C

Original Air Date: 03/25/15

This session will identify how today’s Supervisory Committee is playing important roles beyond the traditional ones, including:

  •     Risk management
  •     Fraud prevention
  •     Supervisory Committee best practices
  •     The committee’s role in strategic planning
  •     Asset liability management
Supplementary Materials: Copy of Slides, Charter Example  

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