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Executive Benefits Program and CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions, in partnership with CUES

Credit unions rely on CUNA Mutual Group to design benefits plans that attract and retain their executives and employees, and are tailored to help meet their strategic goals. Together, CUES and CUNA Mutual Group partner to make it easier for CUES members to gain this benefits advantage. For more information, call 800.356.2644, ext. 665.3272, or complete the online interest form by clicking the button below.

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Executive Benefits Program

Ensure continuity of your leadership with a comprehensive, competitive executive benefits program, with a variety of plan and funding options, including:

  • Deferred Compensation with 457(b) and 457(f) Plans
  • Insurance-Based Executive Benefits
  • Total Benefits Pre-Funding
  • Charitable Donation Accounts

CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions
Innovative 401(k) and pension plans help your employees enjoy a financially secure future, with program features including:

  • RetireOnTarget®, an online retirement tool that automatically prepopulates employee data, so it’s quick and easy to use.
  • ClearDirection® Diagnostic Reports to keep you informed on your plan and your employees’ progress.


Thought Leadership by CUNA Mutual Group

  • Articles
    • Benefits Funding” – Pre-funding employee benefits can help offset rising costs and add to your bottom line…Read More – August 2015
    • Envisioning Executive Benefits” – As new CEOs are hired to replace retiring ones, boards will need to know what's valued by this new generation… Read More – May 2015
    • "Retention Tools” – Attracting and retaining executives for key positions is essential not only to the strategic direction of your credit union, but to the bottom line… Read More – May 2015
    • Special Perk” – Long-term care insurance is an allowed benefit for board service that few CUs have put in place… Read More  May 2015 
    • HR Answers: Prevent Internal Fraud” – For credit unions nationwide, internal fraud represents a significant and growing problem… Read More – May 2015
    • Employees On Track” – There is still room for more growth in these numbers, particularly among younger employee populations, which, perhaps understandably, present some unique challenges…  Read More – March 2015
  • Webinars on Demand
    • Make a Bigger Donation and Improve Your Bottom Line—Discover how a charitable donaction account can help improve returns compared to what you might get through traditional credit union investments.
    • Protect your Credit Union from Executive Churn—Learn how to help overcome your recruitment and retention challenges, and solve the retirement income gap faced by your executive team.
    • It's Time to Rethink the Goals of your Retirement Plan—Discuss what your employees’ goals should be, why they matter so much, how you can measure them, and, most importantly, how you can help achieve them. Improve employee satisfaction and see improved productivity.
    • Pre-Funding your Employee Benefits to Help the Bottom Line - Learn about options to use formerly “impermissible investments” to address both low returns and the rising cost of employee benefits. Your credit union may invest in Corporate (Bank) Owned Life Insurance arrangements, mutual funds, or stocks and bonds—with the goal of improving return on assets earmarked for an employee benefits pre-funding program.

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