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CEO Institute I (Summer Session)

Elite Access: Leadership Brand and Shadow

Women Who Lead

September 01 - October 13, 2015

Samuel Curtis Johnson School of Management, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

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Learn more about Elite Access, an entirely new concept in higher education.

Women Who Lead

This course was designed to help you achieve your professional goals.

Our emphasis is practical, utilizing individual project work combined with one-on-one coaching. Through online classes, readings, and assessments, we will explore the professional obstacles women face, and highlight ways these can be overcome.

Upon completion, you will walk away with the tools you need to achieve an important goal you will set for yourself.

To gear up for our first online class, you will complete two brief assessments, designed to allow you to consider your strengths and identify development needs.

Finally, you will set one professional goal you would like to achieve after the close of the program. The goal you set will be central to your work in this program, and should be both important to you and achievable in 6-9 months.

The best goal to choose is the one that is important to you and can be achieved—with smart, hard work—in a relatively short time period.

In our first online class, we will review a set of tactics and tools you can put into practice immediately as you enact your goal plan.

Following this online class, you will refine your goal and work on your action plan, drawing on feedback from the coaches we will provide as well as a peer learning group Professor O’Connor will set up for you. Before our second online class, you will submit your goal and action plan to Professor O’Connor so she can provide feedback, as well.

In our second and final online class, Professor O’Connor will focus on implementation strategies and tactics that will help you stay focused on achieving your goal.

Women Who Lead Work Flow


Complete pre-work

Pre-work will be available a month prior to the program start date. You’ll: 

  • Watch a powerful TED talk, read a Harvard Business Review article, and review project guidelines
  • Complete a network assessment
  • Develop the professional goal you would like to achieve, following the project guidelines.
Online Class One*

We’ll cover:

  • What we know about women’s achievement as well as the barriers they face
  • Skills-based approach; we’ll cover negotiation, sponsorship, and network building
Post-Online Class One Reading   The reading list will include optional books and articles, suggested based on your project

  Meet with your coach to refine your project goal

  Write a two-page project plan

  Submit project plan to team

  Review teammates’ plans, and complete a peer feedback form for each

  Meet with your coach to refine your plan, and clarify action steps

  Submit your final plan to instructor
Online Class Two*

We’ll cover:

  • Obstacles to implementation
  • Goal setting
  • Commitment to follow through and check ins

   Final feedback from instructor.

*A playback will be available if you miss the live session or want to listen again.

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