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CCCU and CUES International Convention

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Ryan ErtisRyan Estis

Business Performance Expert and One of the Top 100 Keynote Speakers in the US Ranked by Meetings & Conventions Magazine

The former Chief Strategy Officer for the $200 million People Marketing division of McCann-Erickson World Group Advertising is widely recognized as a leading expert in Leadership & Culture, Sales Effectiveness, Brand Experience and the Future of Work. Recently recognized as "one of the best keynote speakers seen or heard" by Meetings & Conventions Magazine alongside Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Al Gore and Marcus Buckingham, Ryan serves as the USA Sr. Associate with Employer Brand International, an advisory member on the SmartBrief Workforce Council, is a certified Human Capital Strategist and professional member of the National Speakers Association. His work has been featured in Electronic Recruiting Exchange, Workforce Management Magazine, HR Professional Magazine, HR Times, SHRM, Business News Network, Crain’s Business, Staffing Management Magazine, and the books Your Employer Brand and Employer of Choice

As the Chief Experience Officer in his Management Consulting practice, Ryan Estis & Associates specializes in corporate training and development with keynotes, seminars and online learning that blends interaction, energy and actionable content designed to elevate performance. Curriculum design emphasizes emerging trends and case studies on corporate culture, communication, collaboration, leadership, client acquisition, brand experience, change and preparing to thrive in the ultra competitive, hyper connected business environment we now know as the new normal. Ryan Estis & Associates works with category leading companies to help them achieve the next level of breakthrough performance including AT&T, Mayo Clinic, CDW, Cabela's, Giant Eagle, Microsoft, Medtronic, Equifax and BlueCross BlueShield.


Meagan Johnson
Johnson Training Group
Meagan JohnsonPhoenix, AZ

Meagan Johnson graduated from Arizona State University Business School with a BS in Marketing. After working several years in a sales environment Meagan became discouraged to hear all the negative comments about Generation X. (Generation X is the 50 million people born between 1965 and 1980.) As a Gen Xer herself, she felt these comments were of course unfounded.  She was further frustrated by the blinders her own managers seemed to have. "There was this perception of only one way to get ahead and be successful at work. The career path my managers expected me to take was very traditional. They seemed to be unable to look at a different way of training and career management that was relevant to younger employees."

Meagan began to research everything from small to large corporations in order to find successful ways to work with the younger generation. From that ZAP THE GAP Solving the Multi-Generational Puzzle was born.

Since 1997 Meagan Johnson has entertained and educated hundreds of audience members from all over the globe. She has written a variety of articles about the multiple generations and has been interviewed for many publications and audio programs. She wrote the Generational chapter in the book Success is A Team Effort.  In 2000, she was the only female speaker on the main platform at the Harley Davidson University conference in New Orleans Louisiana. After her ZAP THE GAP presentation, a Harley Dealer told her "You have changed the way I treat and train my younger employees."

In 2003, she received her CSP, Certified Speaking Professional designation. Currently, only ten percent of professional speakers hold this designation. As a Gen Xer, Meagan was extremely proud to be one of the youngest recipients of the CSP designation.

Meagan and her Baby Boomer father, Larry Johnson are the authors of Generations, Inc - From Boomers to Linksters, Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work. 


Ron Galloway
Ron GallowayColumnist and Filmmaker

Ron Galloway is an author and filmmaker. He researches outlier businesses and the qualities that make them great, as well as the disruptive and unintended effects of new technologies in finance and healthcare.

He directed the controversial business documentary Why WalMart Works, which received global attention and was the first film to ever have its premiere in the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC. He is the author of Rethinking Powerpoint and Ambient Intelligence and the upcoming documentary The Future Of Money.

He has been featured on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC & ABC World News Tonight. Print coverage includes the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and New Yorker. He was the subject of a segment on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, and is a business columnist for The Huffington Post.


Jacksonn HattawayJackson Hataway

Jackson holds a Doctorate in Organizational Communication from the University of Alabama. He specializes in organizational development, strategic planning, team building, and organizational learning. He has a unique ability to couple real-world, honest practicality with new theories of corporate growth and change as he works with organizations. Jackson is a renowned professional speaker with numerous national awards in his ten years of speaking experience. He has spent a great deal of time coaching students and executives in his high-energy and engaging approach to public speaking.

With four years of teaching experience at the collegiate level, Jackson has had the opportunity to refine his ability to synthesize and deliver complex information to a wide variety of audiences. His students and clients universally acclaimed his interactive and entertaining methodologies, and he was recognized several times as one of the most outstanding teachers at the University of Alabama.


Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson speaks about and teaches the lessons and strategies he employed during his experience with the “12 Pillars of Resourcefulness” that helped him not only survive the plane crash, but helped him be a top producer in some of the largest sales organizations in the world.

In addition to speaking, Sanderson conducts workshops and team mentoring. He is a contributor to the book “Brace for Impact”, and he is currently working on his next book to be released in the May 2015 timeframe, in which he discusses and details the lessons learned from the “Miracle on the Hudson” and how to take a potentially tragic experience and turn it into an opportunity to grow and contribute.

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