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Tech Time: Being Cyber Smart Means Not Just Walls, But Intelligent Tools

...threat landscape, credit unions face extremely sophisticated intruders who constantly change and refine their methods, as well as rogue insiders who abuse legitimate access rights to manipulate and...


4 Ways to Accelerate Career Success

...of time. By taking these steps, you will gain valuable information that will not only help you refine your presentation, but also be poised and prepared to actually present in the real meeting....


No Crystal Ball

...research, industry trends, and a competitive market analysis. The information was used to refine the design and technology elements, implemented on the basis of market demand and timing. The CU...


Don't Spin Your Wheels

...essential for success. 6. Develop a communication and change management plan/toolkit. 7. Pilot, refine, and continue integrating the model for additional return on your investment. Busting...


Getting What You Expect?

...down. When possible, credit unions should use observable data as a starting point to adjust and refine prepayment assumptions used in NEV and NII simulations. Using actual experience may not always be...


Social Media Point/Counterpoint

...ads, he says. They’re scalable for financial institutions of all sizes, and you can refine the geographic and, to some extent, demographic reach.Counterpoint: Social media is for engaging...


PR Insight: Cracking the Social Media Code

...From there, track what tactics work and don’t work for your institution and consistently refine your process. With consumers continuing to adopt social media at an increasing rate, the time for...


NextGen Leaders: Daryl Brubaker

...is a detractor. Instead, I see it as a chance to prove ourselves again. Without challenges to refine us, we become too comfortable and cease to better ourselves. Recently, we saw this with the...


Tech Time: Bring Your Own Device

...member data…and social engineering. Your completed risk assessment will be used to further refine your program and the controls you’ll want in place.While technical risks and controls will...


Inside Marketing: Snarketing 2.0 Book Review

...”Redactile dysfunction -- “This condition afflicts those with no ability to edit or refine their social media communications. They just go on and on, and never know when to shut up.”...


CFO Focus: Hot Examination Issue

...a concession because the extension is not significant enough. Credit unions are encouraged to refine their loan modification policies to define by loan product type what would be considered an...


Strategic Risk Management

...the scenarios really playing out in the real world? You can use this data to go back and further refine your actions in step four.6. Finally, if you have been successful at the process and worked hard...


Inside Marketing: Who?s Your Gladys?

...arbitrary, you get arbitrary results. Plan your service processes, train your employees, and then refine the processes based on customers’ responses. Patterns will emerge, and you’ll get...


Inside Marketing: Credit Union Real-Time Marketing Machine?

...suddenly and unpredictably go viral to a global audience. It’s when companies develop (or refine) products or services instantly, based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace....


Information Security Simplified, Part 2

...this series. These items can define the broad general outcomes you are looking for. To further refine and develop the “desired state” for your strategy, you should select a framework/...


What Drives You?

...not going to tap into what we want.”In the coming year, Hall plans to further research and refine her ideas. Eventually she hopes to share them with other credit unions.That might involve...


Permanent Whitewater

...line difference between typical boards and high-performance boards is that progressive boards refine and focus traditional oversight conversations to create efficiencies that can be re-invested in...


At Your Service

...says. "Through that, and through our member-survey programs, the credit union strategy is refined and evaluated. Then we recommend tactical implementation. The clearer they are in how...


Data Security in a Budget Crunch

...of information security, everybody now has a keener focus of what's going on." 4. Refine existing strategies. Fine-tune technologies you already have, and decommission those...


From our Sponsor: Never Underestimate the Power of Plastic

...to use additional products and/or services—or who refer others to you. Further refine your strategy by segmenting cardholders into groups within you membership, such as...


Technology Planning

..." jargon. Review the "vendor-management" process. Develop a partnership mindset. Refine and review criteria for evaluating vendors. Carefully consider security and data...


Inside Marketing: Members Have a Life--Do You Know About It?

...personal preferences and products purchased as currently listed in your CRM and strive to refine and update the information by listening during everyday interactions and capturing bits of...


Generation Integration

...It's the basic understanding of different perspectives and blending them constantly to refine the best of each that can create the best of all solutions. The biggest...


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