Our Vision

CUES' mission is to educate and develop credit union CEOs, executives, directors and future leaders.

CUES is in the business of leadership potential. With a legacy of service spanning more than 50 years, we measure our success one leader at a time. As credit unions face uncharted territory and boundless challenges, CUES stands as the galvanizing force for our members to sharpen their skills. 

We promise to be the undisputed source for our members to reach their full leadership potential, ultimately transforming the credit union industry.

Because human potential is limitless, so too, is the value of CUES.

About CUES

CUES (Credit Union Executives Society) was founded in 1962 on the firmly held principle of “cooperation among cooperatives” not only for credit unions but also for CU managers. Since our start, we’ve grown into an organization dedicated to providing credit union professionals, directors and suppliers the resources they need to reach their greatest potential. Our passion is being the trusted, single source for our members’ professional development needs. 

More than experiences, we create powerful relationships. From our small, yet mighty, staff to an expansive leadership network, we facilitate connections that provide invaluable support throughout our members’ leadership journey. 

Take a look at our many membership options, and join CUES today. You'll quickly discover avenues to professional development, bringing financial growth and success to your institution, and making the credit union movement even stronger.


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Our Team

Meet our small, yet mighty, staff. We believe in providing personal, detailed attention to nurture the invaluable relationships we have with our members.

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CUES strives to help all credit union leaders achieve their greatest potential to strengthen credit unions and improve the financial lives of credit union members. Would you like to join our team?

Honorary CUES Team

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CUES Bylaws

The governing document for your professional development association.