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America's First FCU

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Summer Meeting Thursday, June 20, 2019 
America's First FCU, Birmingham, AL

Guest Speaker: Nancy Covert, President of Dale Carnegie for Birmingham and Huntsville

Team Change Engagement 


Keeping each individual on a team engaged, positive and focused is always important, but is exponentially important during times of change. Maintaining engagement during change, regardless of the scale, requires an understanding of the principles for participation, applying interpersonal skills and tools, creating a "listening team," and implementing new approaches using a dynamic change model.


Perhaps you think you or your contribution go unnoticed — especially if you’re serving on several teams at once. That’s where you’re mistaken. Those around you notice what you’re doing — and what you’re not doing. Your reputation is built on your ability to be a contributing, positive and focused team member, especially during times of change. Gaining respect as a valuable team member impacts your goals, relationships and opportunities, and even the degree to which your peers will embrace change.

This module helps you to be that reputable, valuable team member who can be counted on during times of change. You will focus on the attitudes you project, ways you support others during change and contributions you can make to be a high-impact transformation agent for your team. 

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