Tech Spending Shift Sep 05, 2017

The CUES Podcast Episode 34 cover technology and card trends.
Financial institutions that make the right choices can protect and expand their market and wallet share, increase profitability and thrive. By Naseer Nasim
A case study in what motivates employees and what organizations value

Getting Good Input Aug 23, 2017

4 ways leaders can help employees speak up.
The CUES Podcast Episode 33 shownotes By James Lenz
Building a successful career no longer means climbing a ladder. Compiled by Pamela Mills-Senn
Otherwise, the little stuff might get in the way of your great work. By Lisa Hochgraf
The CUES Podcast Episode 32 shownotes By James Lenz
Aspiring executives can learn important things from people they wouldn’t choose as friends. By Lisa Hochgraf
CU Direct’s new lab brings together credit union leaders. By Karen Bankston
It enhances the “something you know” factor. By Brian Garr
They’ll teach your staff how to love your credit union and build your brand with members.
The CUES Podcast Episode 31 shownotes
Partnering with this fintech contender positions CO-OP Financial Services to better serve CUs.
The CUES Podcast Episode 30 shownotes
CUs need cohesive API strategies.
The CUES Podcast Episode 29 shownotes
With the right decision-making, your brand can live forever. By Larry Light
Which of the five primary negative thinking habits holds you back? By Hugh Blaine
You can still use your voice to positively impact the workplace,
To find the new ideas necessary to take your credit union to the next level, you may need to walk empty, unknown corridors. By Julie Benezet
The CUES Podcast Episode 28 shownotes By James Lenz
Five steps for being more effective with analytics
New 'Parting Shots' video series starts its efforts to share the wisdom of retiring CEOs with a dialog with Susan Frank. By John Pembroke