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Jeff Rendel

Jeff Rendel

Jeff Rendel, CSP, brings a wealth of education, knowledge, and experience to the platform for your corporation or association.  With experience as a federal regulator, financial executive and Congressional lobbyist (for the California Credit Union League), Jeff knows business and, especially, the financial services’ marketplace.

As President of Rising Above Enterprises, Jeff works with financial services’ providers that want deeper market penetration, committed customers, and engaged, committed workforces.  He also works with associations that want more loyal, dues-paying members and with professionals who want greater professional growth.

The mission of Rising Above Enterprises is simple: To strengthen commitment and help create elite results – in life, on the job, for your customers, and for your organization.  In support of this mission, his company researches, synthesizes, and articulates essential achievement elements as they relate to today’s business practices.  Because of this mission, corporations profit – financially and culturally – in their pursuit to fulfill their missions; and people experience the exhilaration of creating dynamic lives and careers.

As a federal regulator with the United States Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Jeff examined a wide array of the nation’s banks – small, medium, and large.  In this capacity, Jeff worked with all levels of senior management assisting them in developing sound operations, expanded business development, and impressive financial performance.

Lured to greener fields, he oversaw the strategic operations of one of California’s preeminent regional banks.  There, he directed corporate initiatives and guided the bank to record growth, the # 1 spot in regional market share, and financial results that shareholders could not help but enjoy.

A phone call from a friend and a new opportunity brought him to the Congressional lobbyist slot for financial institutions on the West Coast.  Knowing that lobbyists held a “tainted” image, Jeff struck to create a new breed – one based on friendship, trust, and respect.  It worked.

A skilled communicator, he continues to work personally with Members of the House of Representatives and Senate helping them understand the business implications that legislation has upon the financial services industry.  Many Members of Congress regard him as their point of first contact when issues regarding financial institutions arise.  He is even on a non-fundraising, home barbeque basis with several Members of Congress.

As a result of the friendships he has cultivated and the respect he has earned, more than a dozen Members of Congress participate in Jeff’s business advisory groups.  These groups meet regularly, in Washington, DC, to discuss current business and leadership challenges.  These meetings allow our nation’s leaders a chance to express their thoughts and offer their solutions on how to make American business stronger.  Jeff, in turn, integrates these findings into his keynote presentations.

A highly sought after and accomplished speaker; he is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA).  In 2007, the NSA presented him the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.  Fewer than five percent of the world’s speakers hold this achievement.  With a unique style and very personable approach, he informs, entertains, and persuades – all in the same presentation.  

His keynote speeches and breakout sessions concentrate principally on elite results and commitment for your industry, customers, and colleagues.  Time and again, audiences rate him “Best Speaker.”

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