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Member Testimonials

See how your credit union peers have elevated and enhanced their career success through their involvement with CUES.

"The CEO/Executive Team Network sessions were packed full of wonderful, highly applicable, valuable information. So much so that I’ve already adapted much of what I’ve learned into my work life, and have shared information with others. Being at a conference where just about everyone I met approached me as a mentor looking to help me succeed was unlike any other conference I have experienced. The connections, conversations, encouragement, and knowledge received by others who have trail-blazed before me will prove to be invaluable in my credit union career."
Amanda Brenneman
Business Development Officer
Maps Credit Union
Salem, Ore.
Assets: $467 million
Posted: 1/23/14

"I've always had a fabulous experience when I turn to anyone at CUES for assistance, and for that I am grateful."

Jackie Rimmer
Executive Assistant
Sunova Credit Union
Selkirk, MB, Canada
Assets: $998 million
Posted: 1/23/14

"You can't help but notice that the words "Executives Society" are part of the title of the organization. To me, those two words implicate a certain level of sophistication, intelligence and strategic thinking. With this in mind, my vision for the Southern California and Nevada CUES Council is to provide our Council Members with senior executive level education, idea sharing and networking opportunities--and to do so with a touch of class."

Bill Birnie, Chairman of the Southern California/Nevada CUES Council
Eagle Community Credit Union
Lake Forest, Calif.
Assets: $207 million
Posted: 1/23/14

"The CUES Councils create an intimate environment where credit union leaders can share their thoughts and ideas openly and honestly. They are a great forum for networking and relationship building. I think people attend our CUES Council events because they provide a high quality form of education and networking for a good value."

Branda Abbot, Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Council
Executive Vice President
Partner Colorado CU
Arvadar, Colo.
Assets: $260.3 million
Updated: 6/06/14

“This event offers excellent networking, and gives you the opportunity to find out what’s really going on in the industry—and with your colleagues—as you share thoughts and ideas.”

Stewart Ramsey, CCE, Credit Union Executive Dialogue attendee
Pen Air FCU
Pensacola, Fla.
Assets: 1.2 billion
Posted: 1/23/14

"The engaging format promoted a deeper dive into relevant business topics with peer credit unions. I enjoyed the ability to have the workshops, by asset size, immediately following the morning presentations. It provided our team an excellent format for discussions on thought provoking topics."

Frank Carter, CEO/Executive Team Network 2013 attendee
Member One FCU
Roanoke, Va.
Assets: $608 million
Posted: 1/23/14

" I have been to CUES events before, but this was first year I’ve been to CEO/Executive Team Network. I thought it was great, and I really like the format. I liked the breakouts by asset size, it's a great way to apply things that you just learned, and it's nice to have the peer to peer action. I’m going to try to get as many people to go next as possible."

Roger Rassman
Community First CU
Jacksonville, Fla.
Assets: 1.2 billion
Posted: 1/23/14

“ The information shared on CUES Net alone is worth more than the annual CUES Membership dues and more. For example, a recent conversation on CUES Net that started off as a question about the best way to handle employee use of personal mobile devices for credit union use morphed into a tip that saved my credit union $200 a month on our mobile plan bill, and also resulted in a free data plan upgrade!”

Christine L. Petro
Reach Federal Credit Union
Redwood City, Calif.
Assets: $99 million
Posted: 1/23/14

“ I have been a member of CUES since 2005; I first joined as a CUES Director member. Now, our  entire board and CEO are CCUBE members. The tools and lesson plans we can access directly through the portal are invaluable, and provide excellent guidance for us as directors at our meetings and board planning sessions. I have attended many CUES training and educational events, including CUES Symposium: A CEO/Chairman Exchange and CUES Director Leadership Institute. CUES events are always top-notch, with excellent facilitators and participants that provide wonderful networking and learning opportunities. Everyone in the credit union industry should consider becoming a CUES member. Membership with CUES is akin to a great walk in the park, it always gives much more than it takes!”

Dr. Dorothy Huston, CCD
Board Chair
Redstone Federal Credit Union
Huntsville, Ala.
Assets: $3.5 billion
Posted: 1/23/14

“I think CUES is just fantastic. I believe in what CUES is doing; everything they do is professionally done. Where else can you get free white papers, Webinars, documents which have been shared by other members…to have this research at our fingertips is just first-class. CUES helps us keep up on what’s going on in the industry through these resources.”  

Joe Newberry
Redstone Federal Credit Union
Huntsville, Ala.
Assets: $3.5 billion
Posted: 1/23/14

“CUES listens to what I need–not the other way around. CUES is an excellent resource for small credit unions. They provide cost effective, easy to use training that is fresh and meaningful for both myself and my team. CUES Net helps me keep sharp–listening to issues that others have helps me to realize problems I might not even know I have!”

Lisa Brown, CCUE
Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union
Tallahassee, Fla.
Assets: $41 million
Posted: 1/23/14

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