Underwriting Manager - Mortgages


300 Apollo Drive

Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824


Position Description

This position will provide leadership and daily oversight/management to mortgage underwriting staff and ensure that proper policies, guidelines and procedures are in place to meet the strategic goals of the Credit Union. This position will work closely with the VP of RE Lending and to ensure the production team is achieving departmental performance goals.

*Provide direction and guidance to Underwriting staff for documentation and underwriting quality; ensure file conforms to guidelines
*Analyze information to determine risk involved in lending money for mortgage loans; responsible for analyzing/verifying income, assets, credit and all supporting documentation to ensure sufficient to loan standards and guidelines; includes verifying all documentation is correct, complete and in the loan file; that the information has been correctly calculated.
*Review appraisal to ensure value of collateral is sufficiently documented and appraiser has correctly completed forms.
*Review underwriting decision, reasoning, and conditions.

How to Apply

Hello, if you interested in working for a innovative, fun, team environment and enjoy coaching and mentoring apply to this link usalliance@jobs.workablemail.com; or visit our careers link at our website at www.USAlliance.org Hope to see you soon!

Job Position Type
Application Deadline
Mar. 12, 2021