Credit Union Investment Strategy Group of Oppenheimer & Co Inc

Company Overview

The Credit Union Investment Strategy Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (“Oppenheimer Credit Union Group”) specializes in providing fixed income investment strategies tailored to the individual needs of small and large credit unions.

We go beyond offering traditional investment advice. Our team of experienced investment advisors work hand-in-hand with your credit union to ensure you have the education, support and resources you need to understand and grow your fixed income investment portfolio.

Our motto is: Education First. We believe every credit union should understand and have full transparency into their fixed income portfolio, so that they can deliver higher yield and better overall service to their members.

Services Provided

Board Development/Governance/Policies/Portals
Risk Management


Seth Kellicut, Group Marketing Associate

1400 Abbot Road Suite 140 East
Lansing,  MI 48823