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The CUES eVote Election Process

CUES eVote

The CUES eVote Election Process

  1. We work with you to customize the election based on your bylaws.
  2. We notify members of the election by email and/or paper ballot.
  3. You post a link to the election site on your home page, so members can access the site. The election site is hosted by us.
  4. Members sign in using two unique identifiers of your choice, such as date of birth, member number or the last four digits of their Social Security Number.
  5. Candidate information and photos are displayed in random order so no one candidate receives preferential treatment, or in the order determined by your election committee.
  6. Once members have made their selections, a verification screen lets them confirm their choices.
  7. After members submit their votes, they’re not allowed to access the site a second time—thanks to the program’s powerful tracking system—ensuring there’s no double voting.
  8. If paper ballots are used in your election, members are asked to supply the same two identifiers needed to vote online. Then, we enter paper ballots into the same voting system used to tally electronic ballots, ensuring each member votes only once.
  9. We’ll track the number of votes cast, and report to you as requested.
  10. You’ll receive the results within 24 hours after the election closes.

Contact Laura Lynch, CUES election coordinator, at 866.356.0726 or p&s@cues.org.

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