CEO Assessment for Credit Unions

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Your credit union’s CEO reports to your full board—not just your chair or governance committee—so it’s important each board member provide input into the CEO’s annual evaluation.

Let CUES make your job easier by quickly and concisely gathering honest input from all your directors on the key areas of CEO performance, including:

  • Vision, Mission & Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Fiduciary Oversight
  • Personal Qualities
  • Governance & Leadership

CEO Assessment for Credit Unions also incorporates your credit union’s own financial and performance-based evaluation criteria.

Results from this anonymous, online assessment tool help you and your board build a comprehensive annual review process, outlining key strengths and achievements, as well as opportunities for growth in the coming year, for your credit union’s CEO.

Your board and CEO complete the online assessment and the board chair receives the results for analysis.

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Assessment Only

Your board and CEO complete the online assessment, Quantum Governance, L3C, reviews the results, compiles a summary report, and schedules a one-hour telephone briefing to discuss the findings. Two to three of your credit union’s board leaders can attend this call.

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Assessment, Summary & Consultation

Effectively Assess Your CEO

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