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Enterprise Information Platform

Every process and transaction at your credit union comes back to same mission – providing the best service to your members. Hyland Software provides the technology credit unions of all sizes need to capture and access information electronically, simplify records management and shorten processes with automated workflow. With your processes optimized, your employees can provide the fast, personalized service your members deserve.

Hyland Credit Union Solutions


Take the cost and hassle of paper-based processes out of your credit union’s equation and speed member transactions with industry-leading intelligent capture, workflow and records management.



Hyland seamlessly integrates with any core system and features specific integrations for:

  • COCC
  • Corelation Inc.
  • Finastra 
  • FIS™
  • Fiserv, Inc.
  • Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
  • Temenos



Gain an edge on the competition by lifting the weight of cumbersome processes and freeing your credit union to provide focused, agile and innovative member services.  


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