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Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Staffing a cybersecurity program is expensive and requires ongoing development to ensure staff members are up-to-date. Even with the high levels of investment, it’s hard to know if you’re really protected. 

Enter LEO Cyber Security, the premier provider of cybersecurity consulting to credit unions specializing in growing security programs through leadership, cyber operations, incident response, and compliance.    

LEO will help your organization build and manage reliable security programs through creative solutions.

Services include:

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

NCUA Rules and Regulations Part 748 defines specific requirements that are challenging to implement and maintain. LEO professionals have extensive experience in testing and measuring GRC, ensuring credit unions are protected from legal liability.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services

LEO provides seasoned, world-class cybersecurity consultants, engineers, and practitioners to assist credit unions in some or all aspects of their cybersecurity programs.

Security Monitoring & Threat Hunting

LEO’s security monitoring platform incorporates comprehensive visibility through analyzing network traffic as well as endpoint activity, painting a contextualized picture of the network. LEO’s analysts take a proactive approach, hunting for attackers before they can inflict damage.

Incident Response & Crisis Management

While it may not seem obvious, incident response is a function of many domains including legal, business, public affairs, security, and IT. Anticipation and preparation is critical to ensuring responsibilities are understood and a coordinated effort is implemented. LEO borrows the methods employed by NASA to ensure the quickest and most effective incident response.

Penetration Testing

LEO works to design custom penetration tests, discerning all the variables that will positively or negatively influence the results. Just as important, LEO assists your CU in applying the results to permanently lower risk, not just patch holes.

Security Education & Training

Strengthen security education and training for your entire organization; you'll make it harder for attackers to infiltrate your CU, and they will move onto easier targets.

Third Part Risk

Let LEO mitigate the risks of allowing third-party partners access to your data network. LEO will protect you with a focus on operational security and contractual components with legally enforceable requirements.

Compromise Assessment

LEO’s Compromise Assessment is designed to identify any security breach—be they active, dormant, or in the past. They’ll search for signs of attacker recon, unauthorized network access, pivot signaling, and identification of persistence mechanisms used by attackers to remain hidden in a network.

Michael Williams
San Francisco Fire CU
The level of expertise LEO provides us is way beyond anything we could have done ourselves. I am ‘entirely onboard’ with what they’re doing to transform our security defenses and address our compliance needs.

The Bottom Line

LEO offers the highest quality cybersecurity solutions to the credit union industry. Have some peace of mind with your cybersecurity; invest in LEO Cyber Security today. To learn more please fill out the online interest form below. 

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