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Quantum Governance, L3C, strengthens credit union boards, executive leadership and committees by providing governance, strategy and management assessments, consulting, training and facilitation. They help develop stronger and more effective board members and management.

The result? Strong leaders who deliver greater impact through improved strategic thinking and decision-making skills, board structure, executive initiatives and communication.

Quantum Governance Services


Governance, Strategy, Director Skills, Supervisory/Audit Committee and CEO Evaluation.

Access Assessments

Facilitation of Retreats and Meetings

Interactive and virtual facilitated processes for the whole board, supervisory committee and executive team.

Director Development and Executive Mentoring

Skills Assessment and Volunteer Development Planning, Board Orientation and Virtual Training.

Governance Workshops, Seminars and Training 

Both virtual and in-person.

What are the key indicators of governance excellence? Is your leadership getting it right?

The State of Credit Union Governance, 2023 report, an exploration of new insights and recommendations drawn from a recent governance survey of credit union boards and executive leadership. You’ll discover vital information on board member roles and responsibilities, trust, engagement, accountability, and how and why boards and management continue to be misaligned on governance.

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Together David & Sharon Johnston Centre for Corporate Governance Innovation at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and Quantum Governance, L3C, with support from CUES have published a special report on COVID-19 and DEI: Revolution & Evolution Come to the Credit Union Community.

We were eager to study the impacts that the events of 2020 have had on the credit union industry and this report spotlights the top findings from each area of our research. Learn more about how board meetings of the future will take shape, and where the conversation around DEI is heading.

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How are credit union boards performing? The State of Credit Union Governance, 2020 report reveals the results from a survey of credit union board, supervisory committee and executive leadership to help answer this very question.

Based on CUES Board Governance Assessment data collected over seven years, this report shares six key findings on the current state of credit union governance and offers expert recommendations.

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Five Data-Driven Recommendations for Future Success

Key findings include:

  • Board members and CEOs frequently differ on their perceptions regarding governance. Board members and CEOs differ on 84% of the survey’s crucial questions.
  • Board member and CEO perceptions diverge based on tenure. Board members who have served many years have more positive views than those board members with less tenure. Conversely, CEOs with longer tenures tend to have more negative views than CEOs with shorter tenures.

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In the State of Credit Union Governance 2020, Quantum Governance and its colleagues found that nearly half of all Board members reported being ineffective at using an effective process to orient new board members to the work and dynamics of their boards. How effective are you? 

Now, you can turn to the experts who wrote the book on onboarding to help you.

Quantum Governance, authors of the CUES publication Director Onboarding Tool Kit, which is available only to CUES Unlimited and Unlimited+ members, can develop and deliver a customized virtual Board Orientation program for your board’s newest directors. 

Focused on key governance best practices including the definition of governance; the roles of the board, board members and officers; the balance of authority between boards and CEOs; strategic planning and more, this new offering can be customized to include information pertinent to your credit union, too.
For more information, contact VP of Strategic Partnerships and Senior Consultant Jennie Boden at jennie@quantumgovernance.net

Watch Michael Daigneault, CCD, CEO of Quantum Governance L3C, in a video about the engagement spectrum.
Dr. Carl Hansen
University Federal Credit Union, Austin
asset size — $2.4 billion
I have heard presentations from many consultants, and Quantum Governance ranks with the best. Whatever success we achieve will be due in part to Michael’s encouragement and dialogue.

Good Governance Matters!

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