Supervisory/Audit Committee Assessment

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Just as you assess your board, it’s also important to assess your committees—in particular, your Supervisory or Audit Committee, which can greatly affect the overall success of your credit union.

Effective committees should:

  • Ensure the timely and effective gathering of pertinent data and other information to track agreed-upon metrics.
  • Monitor, analyze, and oversee the board-level metrics, performance indicators and ultimate results of the credit union’s efforts.
  • Be able to ask appropriate substantive questions and provide high-level feedback, policy changes and suggestions to the CEO and senior management team to enhance your credit union’s performance and results.

CUES’ new Supervisory/Audit Committee Assessment gathers candid feedback from the perspectives of your committee members, board members and senior management team in the following areas:

  • Committee Charter
  • Leadership
  • Meetings
  • Membership
  • Committee Culture
  • Working Relationships with Key Stakeholders
  • Committee Learning & Education
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Results from this anonymous, online assessment tool will help your board and senior management team determine just how effectively this important committee is currently running. You’ll be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and challenges to prioritize and address, including areas of focus for continuing education, scope of work, future nominations and more.  

How It Works

Each chosen assessment participant will receive a personal email with a secure link leading to our credit union-specific, anonymous assessment, which was developed by governance experts to encourage candid feedback.

The results are then aggregated and made available to CUES’ strategic partner and governance experts, Quantum Governance, L3C. Quantum Governance, L3C reviews the results, compiles a summary report, and schedules a one-hour telephone briefing to discuss the findings. Two to three of your credit union’s board leaders can attend this call.

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