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Collide by Think|Stack, powering your pathway to secure, innovative digital transformation. 

Every credit union needs ongoing digital transformation that is both innovative and secure, but most believe that reality is out of reach.

To compete with big banks and fintech you must have strategies like mobile first, omnichannel, digital journeys, data mining, analytics and a wealth of applications to enhance member experience. And as you know, you’ll have to balance all of that while checking off a growing list of regulatory boxes.

With Collide, formerly Goma,  by Think|Stack, not only is this transition to exceptional, compliant customer experiences possible, but it can also provide a source of true innovation and collaboration across the entire organization.
With the overwhelming challenges you face, it’s vital to find a solution that understands the obstacles every member of the organization is facing and provides the tools to address them. 

That’s why our partner, Think|Stack, has shared their own internal innovation process through Collide, to help you prioritize your people to fuel customer experience innovation on the outside while keeping IT secure on the inside.

Collide works perfectly with the credit union industry because it embraces your spirit to align your team’s innovation, technology and security goals and provide a common place to collaborate, connect, and capture your progress throughout the journey.

Through a series discovery calls and interactive journey mapping workshops, Think|Stack will help your team Collide! 


Interview with Chris Sachse

Watch Think|Stack's CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Sachse, in his CUbroadcast interview where he discusses how credit unions can avoid "Frankensteining" their technology and can shift from tech to human experience to finding the ideal balance in customer experience.


Blake Kemmis
IT Manager
Members First Credit Union
Our management team loves being able to visualize our data, and Collide helps me achieve that from the technology angle. But what has begun to transform us most is the journey maps planning, which has allowed us to take both internal and member-facing processes and identify the hurdles in the journey that we can improve. Collide’s value grows for us every time we use it.

Let's Put People Before Technology!

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