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You are committed to investing in transforming your business and have terrific people ready to do the work, but you need support along your journey. 

You have been working hard to define “innovation” and have been applying resources to initiatives that drive change. You're open to learning new ideas and frameworks that can highlight where you need to apply your energy and need some support in setting a plan for incremental improvements. 

Design thinking is a mindset. It is about having an intentional process in order to get fresh solutions that create positive impacts. It’s human-centered. It’s collaborative. It’s optimistic. It’s experimental. We look at where risk and inefficiency exists in your current processes, and teach you methods that can navigate these.

The Collide method is a “greatest hits” of strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, employing tactic like journey mapping and table top exercises—packaged into a business-tested process that any team can use to solve some of our most complex problems.

We design and prototype possible solutions that help you arrive at solutions that are viable, feasible, and desirable.  It is a mindful process that asks us to fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

Through the Collide process, you will learn the tools you need to institutionalize innovation as an activity and a resource you can draw upon for continuous iteration, improvements, and implementation. 

Ultimately generating new ideas and mapping them to current business objectives, and demonstrating ROI through rapid prototypes and iteration of solutions lead to mitigated risk, increased efficiency, time and financial benefits. 

collide session with NorthCountry


We’ll teach you the tools, the success lies with you and your commitment to change, your level of effort will determine your results. Are you ready to Collide?

Option 1:

90 day innovation education program (15 hours)—learn the tools you need to start innovation by improvement 

  • One hour: Complimentary video discovery call and Collide intro  
  • Two hours: Collide platform training 
  • Two hours: Preparation work (online & hands on) 
  • Two hours: Virtual intention setting workshop 
  • One day (8 hours): In residence Innovation workshop at organization's location or Think|Stack offices 
    • What is innovation
    • Intro to Design Thinking
    • Live Design Thinking scenarios—Design Thinking "Hackathon"
  • One year subscription to the Collide platform

Option 2:

90 day problem solve program (15 hours)—bring us a specific problem and we’ll help you solve it with our Collide methodology 

  • One hour: Complimentary video discovery call and Collide intro  
  • One hour: Virtual problem clarification call 
  • Two hour Collide platform training 
  • One day (8 hours): In residence workshop at organization's location or Think|Stack offices 
  • 30 minute (2): Problem solve progress call
  • Two hours: Virtual wrap up call 
  • One year subscription to the Collide platform

Let's Put People Before Technology!

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Interview with Chris Sachse

Watch Think|Stack's CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Sachse, in his CUbroadcast interview where he discusses how credit unions can avoid "Frankensteining" their technology and can shift from tech to human experience to finding the ideal balance in customer experience.

Bob Morgan
NorthCountry FCU
“We participated in an onsite innovation and journey mapping immersion workshop with Think Stack with the intention of learning the principles in human centered design. Innovation is a competency that arrives through a disciplined process and Think Stack has provided NorthCountry with unique tools, skills, and learning to enable us to create impactful experiences with our members using human centered design. I give my highest possible recommendation to them and their services.”