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Do you want truly engaged, productive employees and maximum profitability? Then your organization must have great managers, and Vertex is your training answer.

A Gallup Survey reveals 70% of employee engagement is directly attributable to their manager. Couple this with leaner staff, regulatory pressures, and a rapidly changing economic environment, and the need for effective management, particularly in middle management ranks, is more important than ever.

Vertex Management Development Program is a low-cost, research based, year-long program that can be customized to each manager’s assessed needs via a 360-degree evaluation and management skills assessment. For less than the cost of a week-long training program, you can provide your managers with information about:

  • The Key Attributes and Skills of Highly Effective Managers
  • Delegation
  • Team Building
  • Performance Coaching
  • Employee Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Employee Accountability
  • Effective Performance Evaluations
  • Time Management

In addition, upon program completion each manager will receive a follow up management skills assessment to verify and validate improvement.

The three Vertex Management Development Program choices include:

Vertex for Future Managers

  • Self-Paced
  • Remote Delivery/No Travel
  • Inexpensive
  • If six or more people participate, MNA will create a project/study group


Traditional Vertex

  • Customized, Individual Action Plan with Checkpoint 360
  • Monthly meeting and anytime access with performance coach
  • Regular Meetings with Participant’s Manager
  • Remote Delivery/No Travel


Vertex Live

  • Three-Day Workshop at your CU
  • 12-Month Access to all Computer-Based Courses from Traditional Vertex
  • Saves Time and Money
    • No Travel/Training Done On-Site
    • 1/3 the cost of Traditional Vertex
    • Customization Available


No matter which Vertex Management Development program you choose, benefits include:

  • Reduced turnover—quality employees will stay to work for effective managers

  • Enhanced earnings through improved performance
  • Rapid improvement—concentrated programs provide immediate benefits
  • Cost effective—no travel expenses
  • Convenient—Vertex Live is presented locally, and Traditional Vertex works around the participant’s schedule


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