Think|Stack: Goma

Your Digital Transformation Guide

Meet Goma, IT governance technology built for smart credit unions managing a digital transformation strategy.

Every digital transformation journey needs a well-thought-out strategic plan that includes the input of your key decision-makers and influencers to ensure your goals are being met, and your digital innovation and growth remains on course. 

Plus, your credit union must manage an endless list of responsibilities around digital, including member experience, speed, agility, security, compliance, risk management–and so much more. 

With Think|Stack’s cyber governance tool, Goma you can manage your digital transformation and easily communicate your progress to senior management, the board and auditors.

Goma allows your credit union to:

  • Journey Map to visualize how technology empowers your business process  
  • Monitor your digital transformation—a visual dashboard shows how far you’ve come and what you still need to do 
  • Assess your compliance with key regulations for IT and cybersecurity 
  • Set goals based on the likelihood and potential impact of risk 
  • Access peer data so they can see how they stack up 
  • Demonstrate your progress to senior management, the board, and auditors throughsimple-to-grasp visual tools 

The bottom line? Goma is affordable and simple to use. You take the reins with performance insight into three key domain areas; people, tools, and governance. Plus, the clear and collaborative, filler-free action plan keeps IT and leadership connected, with visual reporting whenever you want.

Think|Stack are the only human centered technology services company in the world. They believe in PEOPLE BEFORE TECHNOLOGY.

Think|Stack works with credit unions to guide them along their digital transformation journey. They design, build, maintain and secure the technology infrastructure of the future.

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