Charting Your Course to Data Maturity

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Original Air Date: Tuesday, November 19

Presented by AdvantEdge Analytics

Moderator: Shazia Manus, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, AdvantEdge Analytics 

Facilitators: Aamir Khan, Director of Innovations and Engineering, Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU); Jeff Allen,Director of Product Management, AdvantEdge Analytics; John Papadia, Client Strategy Consultant, AdvantEdge Analytics


Like a rigorous climb in the natural world, reaching the summit of data transformation can take many different routes. Just as rock climbers sometimes move vertically, sometimes horizontally and sometimes at an angle, credit unions each have different approaches to reaching data maturity. 
To be sure, the divergent paths credit unions take adds to the complexity the industry is facing as it confronts data transformation. A singular strategy to implementation – one that works for all – simply doesn’t exist. However, there are best practices credit union data climbers can rely on as they formulate their own path to the summit.
Attend this webinar to learn insights from a panel of veteran data climbers, bringing a wealth of analytics experience from both in and outside the credit union industry. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how the right strategy, culture, tools and data can help chart your course to data maturity
  • Better understand your members
  • Deepen member relationships

About the Presenters:

Shazia Manus
Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer
AdvantEdge Analytics

A credit union data pioneer, Shazia has a rich history of data transformation firsts. She oversaw the movement’s first investment in leveraging offshore analytics capabilities and co-created the first member attrition model for credit unions using big data principles. For AdvantEdge Analytics, she applies a futurist view to the field of analytics, helping both the company and its credit union partners discover new possibilities for exceptional member experiences.

Aamir Khan
Director of Innovations and Engineering
Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU)

Aamir has nearly 20 years of experience in software development and technology leadership in the financial sector, including 13 years on Wall Street. He has led data projects within both corporate and startup environments. For ICCU, Aamir leverages the credit union's forward-leaning agility and appetite for innovation to enable exceptional member experiences for the digital era.

Jeff Allen
Director of Product Management
AdvantEdge Analytics

An award-winning technology and product expert, Jeff holds 35 patents and has more than 25 years of experience as an innovator. He has designed consumer products, platforms and experiences for numerous tech companies, most notably Xbox Live, Redbox, and WMS Gaming. For AdvantEdge Analytics, Jeff manages the full product lifecycle, including the strategy, roadmap and feature definition, focusing on measurable value to customers.

John Papadia
Client Strategy Consultant
AdvantEdge Analytics

John has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, CEO, senior strategist, engagement manager and practice leader in data and analytics. He specializes in building data-driven cultures at credit unions, transforming how they serve members, reach new ones, minimize risk and compete in a changing financial services landscape. John leads Consulting Services for AdvantEdge Analytics and brings his Fortune 500 experience to each engagement.