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Committees Videos

Governance Committees

Michael G. Daigneault

Governance committees have evolved from nominating committees. They help the credit union remain competitive by finding people to serve, orienting them to service, developing board members, and institutionalizing the governance of a credit union board. Michael G. Daigneault, BoardSource

The CEO Search Committee

Steve Swanston

An experienced executive search professional provides advice for the credit union’s CEO Search Committee. This committee must source candidates; conduct interviews, profiling and background checks; and narrow down the field of candidates for the board to consider.

Advice for New Supervisory Committee Members

Kevin Chan, CPA

A CPA and credit union supervisory committee member provides advice for new committee members on the soft skills required to be a successful member: being a team player, attending meetings, knowing duties and responsibilities and having fun.

Case Study: Fairwinds CUs Compensation Committee

John Coffey, CCD

The Fairwinds Credit Union Compensation Committee’s purpose, annual plan of work, and challenges are detailed by Chairman of the Board John Coffey, CCD.

The Role of the Supervisory Committee

JoAnn M. Cotter

The supervisory committee is responsible for accurate financial reporting and for safeguarding members’ assets. An accountant delineates the committee’s responsibilities designed to meet NCUA or state department of financial institution requirements. JoAnn M. Cotter, CPA, Wipfli LLP

The Impact of Corp CU Failure on Natural Person CU Audits

Rick Craig

Rick Craig, president and CEO of America First Credit Union explains the impact corporate credit union failures have had on natural person credit union audits.

Board Committees

Thomas A. Bieler CCD

The United Nations FCU Board of Directors has only two committees, in keeping with its use of the Carver Governance Model. The role of the two committees are explained in this video. Thomas A. Bieler CCD; United Nations FCU

Task Forces

Thomas A. Bieler
2:30 minutes

Thomas A. Bieler, CCD, a United Nations FCU director explains how the board of directors employs task forces to carry out specific projects.

Supervisory Committee Meeting with Examiners

Joanne Cotter

A CPA prepares supervisory committee members for meetings with examiners before and after an examination, including the process for appealing audit findings. JoAnn M. Cotter, CPA, Wipfli LLP

Nominating and Governance Committees

Dr. Peter Stephenson
2 minutes

Dr. Peter Stephenson explains the evolution of the nominating committee to the governance committee. The role of the governance committee is to enhance board effectiveness, encompassing nomination, orientation, self-assessment, and more

The Oversight Team

Devon Charles
2:59 minutes

This video serves as an introduction to new board members about their relationship with the supervisory committee to carry out adequate oversight with the help of internal, external and regulatory audits. Devon Charles, Grenville Co-Operative CU

Risk Management Policy Review

Murleene A. Davis
3:18 minutes

This video explains how one board reviewed risk management policies and implemented training for its board and committees. Murleene A. Davis, NAJ CCU Limited

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