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Finance Videos

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Uncertainty in the Mortgage Market

Alix Patterson

The current mortgage market is rather uncertain. Learn how credit union boards can prepare to respond.  

Economic Outlook Appears Optimistic

Anirban Basu

Economist Anirban Basu provides an economic outlook for the next ten years and explains that the overall forecast appears optimistic.

Key Ratios and Trends for Director Decision Making

Bob Ramirez

Vantage West Credit Union CEO, Robert Ramirez, explains what key ratios and trends Directors should review regularly.

Current Economic Trends

Anirban Basu

Economist Anirban Basu provides an overview of which current economic trends are important for Directors to consider when developing long-term strategic plans.

NCUA Requested Mergers

Michael Bell

Attorney Michael Bell shares his take on NCUA requesting credit unions to take on a struggling credit union

Evaluating Key Ratios

David Reed

Evaluating key financial ratios require an understanding of the strategic plan. An awareness of industry trends is also beneficial.

Orientation to Credit Union Financials

David Reed

Financial statements are like medical records. Current statements are vital signs, while the entire medical file shows health trends. Looking at both gives directors the ability to make better decisions on the financial health and direction of the credit union.

Financial Red Flags

David Reed

Directors need to watch for red flags when reviewing financial statements. Trends need to be evaluated against the strategic and business plans to find unplanned variations and to determine how to make course corrections.

NCUA Assessments

David L. Tuyo II

Directors need to put emotions aside when considering the impact of NCUA assessments. This expert recommends directors know if they are accruing for the assessments, understand the timing of payments and time peer comparison to effectively assess credit union performance.

The Allowance for Loan Loss

David Tanner, CPA CIA

A credit union director who has the Certified Public Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor designation explains the allowance for loan loss and how studying it helps directors better understand the balance sheet and the income statement. He also explains methods used to derive an appropriate allowance for loan loss.

The NCUA Financial Literacy Requirement

Brenda Simmons

A credit union treasurer explains how her credit union trains its directors to comply with the NCUA financial literacy requirement.

Non-Interest Expense

Steven P Williams

The industry spends 3.2% non-interest expense to assets today. Boards must focus on the efficiency ratio in order to serve members well and have a sustainable organization. Steven P Williams, Cornerstone Advisors Inc provides ideas for increasing efficiency.

External Auditors and the Supervisory Committee

Frank Mancini
4:04 minutes

This video overviews the information the external auditors must be provide to the supervisory and audit committee as well as the questions committee members must ask to control credit union risk. 

Loan Rate Strategy

Boyd Gustke
1:25 minutes

Many factors need to be considered when loan rates are set, including liquidity, cost of funds, loan quality, alternative investments, risk tolerance, term, competition. Boyd Gustke, Connexus CU

Intro to Monitoring Financial Performance

Devon Charles
3:16 minutes

This video serves as an introduction to new board members about their duty of care as it relates to monitoring the credit union’s financial performance. Devon Charles, Grenville Co-Operative CU

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