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Sparking Growth Systematically

Robert B. Tucker

Three models have demonstrated success in driving innovation throughout organizations.

Self Assessment: How Innovation Adept are You

Robert B. Tucker

Use these 15 questions to rate where you are in your innovation as a board member, and identify skills to sharpen.

Evaluating Strategic Initiatives

Sam Kilmer

‘Break on through’ to bridge the gap between the reality of being a regulated financial institution and the desire to innovate for members. 

10 Ways to Understand Your Mission Better

Debra Beck, EdD

Use these tried and true strategies for staying connected to your credit union’s foundation.

Getting Serious About Strategy

Michael Hudson, Ph.D.

A 5-step process to prepare your board for strategic planning success

Make Your Board More Strategic

Michael Hudson, Ph.D.

Helping people used to thinking operationally think strategically takes practice. Here’s a five-step approach.

What to Look for in a Board Strategic Planning Consultant

Mark Sievewright

Now is the time for credit unions to focus on how they can remain relevant and become prevalent over the long haul: How can we be future-proof? Creating an effective strategic planning process isn’t easy (nor should it be) and can benefit greatly from having a well-chosen industry professional act as facilitator. What are some key attributes you’ll want your facilitator to have?

Meet the Linksters

Meagan Johnson

Credit unions are well aware of the importance of attracting Generation X and Y consumers to develop a younger clientele that will fuel growth into the future. There is another prime target market on the horizon that will soon populate your membership base and employee roster: the Linksters.

Don’t Delegate Mission Development

Michael Sessions, Ph.D.

Boards need to stay close to their credit unions’ goals to better serve members—even when initiatives in support of doing so are difficult to measure.

The Seven Cooperative Principles: Concern for Community

Jac La Tour

Evangelical Christian Credit Union delivers on  Cooperative Principle 7, through its loans to churches and it specialized services for Christian leaders around the world.

The Seven Cooperative Principles: Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Jeanne Pickens

Rogue Federal Credit Union and four other local cooperatives in Southern Oregon have formed Rogue Co-ops to find ways to help local cooperatives succeed. Embodying Cooperative Principle 6, this unique coalition of cooperatives focuses on putting people first, innovating to meet members’ needs, and providing local service while being part of a global network.

The Seven Cooperative Principles: Education, Training and Information

Erika Bell

Latino Community Credit Union offers a full range of accessible financial products and services designed to meet the needs of immigrant Latinos and low-income populations. Due to the high percentage of previously unbanked members, financial education—and Cooperative Principle 5—is a key component to the CU’s success.

The Seven Cooperative Principles: Autonomy and Independence

Michael Daugherty

Community Plus Federal Credit Union became a Community Development Credit Union to enhance its ability to improve members’ financial lives as part of Cooperative Principle 4.

Put ‘More Cowbell’ in Your Strategic Planning Process

John A. Vardallas

Focus more on members and the external environment, less on internal processes and rehashing historical data.

8 Elements of Marketing Every Board Should Understand

Les Wallace

Knowing the answers to the following high-level questions may help you and your fellow directors understand the dynamics of marketing at your CU, ask the right questions, and establish the right support for your credit union’s marketing efforts.

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