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Strategy Videos

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Making Technology Investment Decisions

Jim Kasch

What do credit unions need to be investing in now in order to be successful during the next few years?

Note: At the time of recording Jim Kasch was CEO of Darden Employees Federal Credit Union, Orlando, Fla. He is now the founder of Canidae Consulting and Member Intelligence Group

Before and After a Merger

Michael Bell,

Preparing for a successful credit union merger means planning how to fuse sets of technology systems, brands and corporate cultures.

Thinking About the Future: Expand Your Horizons

Doug Rauch

Doug Rauch, former CEO of Trader Joe’s discusses two things credit union boards should do in order to think more strategically about the future.

Innovating at Trader Joes

Doug Rauch

Doug Rauch, former CEO of Trader Joe’s discusses the company’s culture of innovation and why companies need to embrace innovating.

Innovating Vs. a Culture of Innovation

Doug Rauch

Doug Rauch, former CEO of Trader Joe’s discusses the difference between innovating and establishing a culture of innovation.

Successful Strategic Planning Sessions

Michael Hudson, Ph.D.

Help your credit union board have a more successful strategic planning session by considering four important things.

Why loyalty matters

Lerzan Aksoy

Lerzan Aksoy, author of Loyalty Matters, discusses why loyalty matters in today’s credit unions.

Improving Strategic Focus

Matt Fullbrook

Explore the keys to building a forward-looking board.

Incubator CUSOs

Alix Patterson

Incubator CUSOs encourage research, development and innovation for better financial solutions while minimizing risk and could be a viable investment for Boards to consider.

Member Deposit Allocation

Lerzan Aksoy

Wallet-share expert, Lerzan Aksoy, discusses the drivers and barriers that impact individual members’ deposit allocation.

Wallet Allocation Rule

Lerzan Aksoy

Learn how and why to successfully implement the wallet allocation rule within your credit union.

Calculating member wallet share

Lerzan Aksoy

Lerzan Aksoy provides the basic framework for calculating member share of wallet.

Transient Advantage

Rita Gunther McGrath

Rita McGrath discusses the differences between transient and competitive advantage

Strategic Development Requires Research

John Oliver

Strategic development is an ongoing process that requires the board to research developments in order to stay ahead of changes in the marketplace.

Envisioning the Technological Future of Credit Unions

Lee Wetherington

To determine the nature and scope of tomorrow’s opportunities, credit union leaders must first visualize the future based on insights into today’s trends. Learn more about the future of technology in credit unions and the strategic imperatives the future demands now from expert Lee Wetherington.

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