Strategic Leadership Development for CFOs

February 20, 2019
March 06, 2019

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Session 1: 7 Core Competencies of a Strategic CFO: An Introduction–February 20, 2019, 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Session 2: 7 Core Competencies of a Strategic CFO: A Deeper Dive—March 6, 2019, 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Presenters: Rob Johnson, Executive Vice President/Principal; Brian McHenry, Senior Vice President/Principal; c. myers


In today's rapidly changing environment and in order to remain relevant and sustainable going forward, credit unions need CFOs who think to differentiate and drive better decisions by helping key stakeholders link strategy and asset/liability management with the credit union’s desired measures of success.  In the past, it was acceptable for CFOs to be masters of their silo, responsible primarily for the integrity of financials and providing reports to key stakeholders.  Most CFOs were groomed throughout their careers to focus on numbers, analyze data, and provide profit and revenue reports.

As financial and regulatory complexity has mushroomed over the past couple of decades, and as a rapidly changing marketplace has increased both the volume and quality of today’s competition, the CFO’s role is being redefined in ways that challenge even the most astute CFO.

This two-part course will begin the process of fine-tuning participants' development as a strategic leader within their organization as well as help identify characteristics to look for in a CFO.

Who Should Attend:

  • CFOs
  • Those on a CFO path
  • C-Suite that want to better understand the CFO role and strategic thinking
  • CEO's looking for ways to evaluate and further develop their CFO

Key Takeaways:

  • Participants will leave with a better idea of an area they need to focus on personally in order to make them a more strategic CFO, and some tactical steps to help improve in those areas.
  • CEO participants will leave with ideas on how they can help develop a CFO to be more strategic.


After the first session, in which competencies will be discussed, participants will come to the second session with the top competency they need to focus on.

During the second session, participants will work in teams based on the competency they selected that requires the most growth. In the breakout groups, participants will brainstorm ideas for improvement, or share ways they have improved personally since the first session.

Estimated Time Commitment:
1 hour prior to the first session (for reading and self-evaluation) and 30 minutes each week in between sessions to practice in the area they identified.

What Makes This Course Different:
This course will take a personal approach to the CFO position in an effort to help CFOs become more strategic. With continual practice and focus on the 7 competencies, CFOs can be better prepared to move their credit unions forward in a more strategic nature.

About the Presenters:

Rob Johnson Executive Vice President/Principal at c. myersRob Johnson
Executive Vice President/Principal
c. myers

Rob, one of five c. myers owners, has a reputation for deep, original thinking on asset/liability management and every conceivable modeling methodology, as well as analysis of investments, liquidity, aggregate risk, concentration risk, and other related topics.

While Rob is a familiar face to the managements and boards of many of the largest credit unions, he has helped credit unions of all sizes tackle some of their toughest challenges, such as rebuilding capital and navigating safely and soundly with the smallest of margins. He has become quite familiar to many leaders in the regulatory world, both as an educator and a thought leader.

Brian McHenry, Senior Vice President/Principal at c. myersBrian McHenry
Senior Vice President/Principal
c. myers

Brian, one of five c. myers owners, has worked closely with credit union boards and managements of all sizes in a variety of capacities. As a strategic planning facilitator, CEOs regularly praise Brian’s industry knowledge, calming communication skills, ability to authentically engage anyone with whom he interacts, and ability to keep discussions focused on linking strategy with desired measures of success. Using his asset/liability management expertise, Brian works closely with managements to discuss and test the impact to earnings and net worth from short- and long- term strategies under consideration.

Within c. myers, Brian has managed our extensive team of consultants and financial analysts, who use our comprehensive, leading edge A/LM modeling tools to quantify interest rate risk and build long-term financial forecasts. The team runs thousands of simulations and “what-ifs” every year for hundreds of credit unions. Brian is also a certified Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach and enjoys working with clients on strategic leadership development.