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CUES School of Business Lending I™


CUES School of Consumer Lending™

July 17 - 18, 2017

Crowne Plaza Seattle
Seattle, WA

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CUES Member$1,095.00


Registration will be from 8:00–8:30 a.m. Class starts at 8:30 a.m. and continues until 4:30 p.m. each day.


The Big Picture

  • About the current macro-economic lending environment
  • What your credit union must do to gain more of your member’s business
  • Why a credit union’s financial numbers paint an important picture
  • How to break out of the lending boxes that bind you
  • To be careful viewing the lending world through A-paper eyes
  • That lending is an attitude!
  • That every member is unique
  • Reasons why your credit union should be making loans in every credit tier
  • The mandatory steps you must follow to be successful with D & E-paper lending

Loan Interviewing & Sales Skills

  • The four things that must get done during the loan interview
  • How to tailor your approach to the member (i.e., the risk) in front of you
  • Conversation promoting and cross-sales producing questions
  • How to build higher-risk loans in the interview so that they can be approved by an underwriter and so they will perform
  • What a good notes page looks like
  • Relationship selling
  • The “million dollar” secret to improving sales results
  • The attributes of successful salespeople
  • How to sell more ancillary insurance policies to your members
  • How to give a higher-risk borrower a firm close
  • How to communicate a loan denial

FICO Credit Scores

  • How FICO credit scores are calculated
  • How FICO uses scorecards to refine the score
  • What hurts a FICO score
  • Ways to improve the FICO score
  • Recent changes to the FICO scoring model
  • Teaching FICO scores to members

Loan Decision Making

  • The correct approaches you must have when underwriting member loan applications
  • Guidelines for secured and unsecured lending
  • Three bankruptcy predictors and how to deal with them in lending
  • How to evaluate risk (the difference between real risk factors and not-so-real risk factors)
  • Debt ratio analysis
  • How to view LTV (loan-to-value) on consumer secured loans
  • How to handle self-employed borrowers
  • How to make loans to youngsters
  • When to use co-signers and when not to
  • How to view student loans when underwriting
  • How to underwrite higher-risk loans
  • How to make as many good loans as possible at your credit union

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