Strategic Innovation Institute™

The financial services market is rapidly changing. There is great uncertainty about non-traditional providers, and the increasingly complex business environment. Plan for long-term sustainability, meet challenges, scale up organizational excellence, and rally your organization in embracing your credit union’s growth capabilities when you attend Strategic Innovation Institute.

Every organization has a pocket of excellence that influences other areas. How does one get more? How does one get better through innovation? These two questions form the basis of this program where you’ll learn to think critically, challenge assumptions and change the rules of competition. You’ll also consider real-world examples, observe consumer behavior, and apply design-thinking principles to develop solutions.

Discover how to overcome barriers to strategic change and promote innovation without sacrificing short-term goals as you employ group decision-making exercises, case studies, and go through a hands-on innovation challenge workshop. CUES Strategic Innovation Institute covers:

  • Harnessing collective intelligence
  • Leading organizational growth
  • Spear-heading strategy amidst disruptive innovation
  • Designing innovation for the human brain
  • Harnessing stories for innovation and growth
  • Design thinking
  • The challenge of change, and the ambidextrous organization
  • Scaling up excellence
  • Building strong alliances

We’ll end the week by creating personal action plans, so you’ll be ready to act when you return to your credit union.

Learn more in depth information about CUES Strategic Innovation Institute.

Hear from Strategic Innovation Faculty member, Huggy Rao, as he gives an insider take on Strategic Innovation Institute in this CUES Podcast episode.

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  • 18.5

    Strategic Innovation Institute’s schedule offers 18.5 hours of learning.

  • 31

    You will earn up to 31 Continuing Professional Education credits for attending Strategic Innovation Institute.

Why Attend Strategic Innovation Institute?

When you attend:

  • You’ll be joining a unique and tightly allied fellowship of credit union leaders, making you part of a powerful network of successful professionals.  
  • Your credit union will benefit directly from the personalized action plans created and designed to implement when you return home.
  • Every faculty member is a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • Faculty members have personally developed the programs themselves.
  • Many esteemed faculty members are there for their students even after graduation, offering another level of support.
  • You’ll earn up to 37 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits each week.
  • Participants who successfully complete all required elements of the program will be awarded the prestigious Certified Innovation Executive (CIE) designation.