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    CUES Membership connects you with 22,600 industry professionals – providing unparalleled access to networking and collaboration!

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    The pioneering and industry-leading CEO Institute program has graduated 1,012 industry executives, propelling their credit unions and careers.

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    Join us in celebrating 25 years of the industry’s first and best executive education programs offered at preeminent business schools in the U.S. and Canada.

  • 1,000+ has added over 1,000 articles, videos, webinars and podcasts this year, providing the industry with fresh insights daily.

Michael J. Kaczenski, CCE, President & CEO at Sun East Federal Credit Union
Michael J. Kaczenski, CCE
President & CEO
Sun East Federal Credit Union
asset size — $594 million
As a graduate of CEO Institute, a participant in countless conferences, and a longtime member of CUES, I have continually seen the value of membership. Whether it be the excellent and thought-provoking content of their communications, or their challenging and mind expanding educational schools and conferences; CUES offers the full spectrum of what credit union executives, staff and volunteers need to grow and develop in the fast changing financial services world. CUES has positioned itself as the educational leader for the credit union movement.