Digital Learning

CUES offers a wide variety of digital learning resources to help you stay ahead of the curve and reach your professional goals. Be sure to check out: 

  • CUES Learning Portal—Engaging, top-notch on-demand online courses.  
  • Harvard ManageMentor—Leadership development courses from the experts at Harvard Business Review.
  • CUES Virtual Classroom—Highly interactive live online training. 

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CUES Learning Portal

Easily expand your skillset in any soft skill or leadership topic you can imagine.

Harvard ManageMentor

An online resource program with 42 courses addressing critical management issues. | Unlimited/Unlimited+ Benefit
professional leading a meeting

Leadership Skills Course Collection

Coming Soon! Equip yourself for leadership's challenges and opportunities with on-demand courses.

Director Education Center

Interactive Learning Journeys designed to support and enhance board member knowledge.

CUES Online University

Give your staff the tools and training they need to succeed while saving your credit union money. | U.S. Specific Content

First Line of Defense™

Fraud detection and prevention training utilizing insights from recent cases reported to the FBI. | U.S. Specific Content

CUES Advanced Management Program from Cornell University

Over the course of 9 months, 8 courses, and 8 live-taught online sessions, position yourself for future success by gaining deep insights into the C-suite and understand what their challenges are and how they think.

School of Business Lending

Learn the fundamentals of business lending to help your CU leverage this highly profitable opportunity.

Board Liaison Workshop

Enhance your role as a credit union board liaison with practical insights, interactive exercises, and valuable resources.

Virtual Classroom

The closest thing to in-person learning, online! Interact, problem-solve, build relationships.

Online Events

Discover top-tier offerings to expand your skillset and achieve your professional goals.
5 minutes

Goldilocks and Executive Pay

by Liz Santos

6 minutes

Board Chair Leadership Archetypes

3 minutes

Modern Technology Is the Key to Your Future

by Jack Henry