Chief Executive Officer

Technicolor Federal Credit Union

Burbank , CA


Position Description

Are We the Company For You?
Technicolor Federal Credit Union ($90M; Burbank, Cali.) is looking for the established executive who will guide the credit union and its team with steady leadership, strategic innovation and effective collaboration with employees, the Board, and regulators.

Our core business of lending, innovative cannabis banking services, and commitment to the safety and soundness of Technicolor’s financial health and stability creates the right environment for a leader who wants a new challenge. The Board of Directors’ interest in bringing on a CEO who will steer the credit union through transformation provides the opportunity for a true change agent to thrive.

Our new CEO will share the Board’s philosophy of high accountability and proactive communication, keeping the credit union focused on achieving goals and creating optimum benefit for Technicolor FCU members.

Is This the Career For You?
If you are a true leader—proven with a decade of senior leadership and a reputation for elevating others to their greatest performance—you might belong here. Serious candidates will be those who can demonstrate a proven track record of excellence in financial services, solid business acumen, and a history of strong relationships with regulatory agencies. Creating cultural transformation should appeal to you because you have the communication skills to engage others with your ideas and a leadership style that elevates the performance of others.

Your skillset balances business acumen and interpersonal relationships, with accomplishments that show how you have achieved strong financial gains while developing exceptional teams that work well together, with members, and with regulators.

Tell Us Why You’re Our Next Leader
We look forward to learning about you and invite you to submit a cover letter that tells us why you’re the right choice to lead us forward. It should demonstrate how you have worked effectively with a Board of Directors, your experience navigating organizational transformations, and how you have improved the operational performance of your previous employers.

Your resume should show you hold a Bachelor’s Degree, at least 10 years of senior management experience (preferably at a credit union), and a track record of excellence in financial services. It should give insight into your technical skills—the core systems and lending systems you are knowledgeable about; the financial modeling methods you prefer; and your operational experience.

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Application Deadline
Jul. 31, 2020