Chief Financial Officer

Directions Credit Union

Toledo, OH


Position Description

Directions Credit Union is a well-established financial institution based in Toledo, OH. The credit union is well-positioned for market growth; this organization is conducting a nationwide search as a part of CFO succession.

The chief financial officer (CFO) provides leadership, strategic thinking, and pragmatic action to identify, plan, and execute financial strategies for balance sheet optimization. The CFO, reporting to the chief executive officer, focuses on two aspects of finance. One is strategic and forward-thinking, and the second is fiduciary monitoring and planning of the organization.

Strategically, the CFO is responsible for developing, in close partnership with members of the leadership team, the financial picture, and framework for the current and future success of the credit union. The CFO helps credit union leadership identify future opportunities and creates strategies and scenarios to manage the financial, risk, investment, and borrowing needs to ensure maximum earning potential and maintain liquidity requirements. This role is responsible for generating and interpreting financial data to create projections that aid in strategic decision making by the board of directors and the CEO. The CFO serves as a strategic advisor offering expert advice, and this role prepares research-based board-level presentations, provides solutions, plans, policies, financial forecasting, and reports on accounting, investments, and finance issues.

Fiduciary responsibilities include accountability for all financial management, accounting, monthly statistical reports, and information to support the operating and strategic plans. Leading a team, the CFO is responsible for monitoring the safety and soundness of the credit union via capital, net interest margin, and return adequacy over a multi-year horizon. The CFO will do this using A/LM modeling, investment, cash management, and pricing/product/member return information to maintain the value to the member while keeping the credit union in a safe sound position.

Vision and Strategy

Strategically participate as a thought leader in the visioning, strategic thinking, development, implementation, and evaluation of strategic business and performance goals. Monitor, anticipate, strategize, and plan for changes in the financial services industry, general economic and regulatory environment, and their potential impact on the operations and strategies of the organization. Proactively serve as a strategic consultant for the board and the CEO to support framing issues, challenges, and opportunities. Develop risk and opportunistic management scenarios, including merger and acquisition strategies, for the board and CEO. Seek new ways to achieve financial goals, create new organizational insights, and develop and test new theories to explain or resolve complex issues.


Actively participate in a consulting capacity with other leaders to develop profitability and performance measurements and perform interpretive analysis. Provide leadership to strategic thinking on scenarios to create member value/surplus capital distributions. Support organization leaders to develop their functional strategic and business plans, developing financial analysis and, strengths and weaknesses assessments and scenarios. Readily modify, respond, and adapt to change and adjust personal style to work with diverse perspectives.

Fiduciary Accountability

Oversee a team to:

Ensure effective accounting, financial planning and reporting, policies, and procedures.
Generate, interpret, and report financial data, projections, and cost analysis relative to current financial developments/trends, organizational financial policies/plans, and significant organization developments as they relate to multi-year margin, return, and capital needs.
Analyze profitability statistics to make recommendations for efficient operations and credit union growth, including product line/delivery channel pricing, marketing strategies, branch locations, and their impact on margin, returns, and capital needs.
Ensure that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the credit union are appropriately safeguarded and administered. Ensure accounting/reporting systems and internal controls are adequate within the Audit/Accounting/Financial Reporting areas. Assist and cooperate with the Supervisory Committee, Examiners and Auditors concerning audits and examinations.

Actively partner with other leaders to develop strategic scenarios and budgets that support their business goals. Develop productive and generative partnership relationships with other members of the executive team and other organization leaders to influence hundreds of people positively.

Ongoing Learning and Coaching

Proactively and continuously learn and self-educate on industry and changing trends that impact the financial future of the organization. Continue executive education to remain constantly aware of new ideas and approaches to understand and serve the organization. Demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Continuously develop leaders and provide one-on-one and team coaching. Effectively build commitment and accountability in others through the identification and facilitation of developmental opportunities.


Participate in community activities to enhance the Credit Union’s image invisibility and reinforces our commitment to the communities we serve.


A bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting with an MBA, CMA, or CPA. Ongoing learning through certifications, workshops, and conferences such as the CUES CEO Institute, CUES Strategic Growth Institute, and CUNA Management.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Reflect demonstrated proficiency relevant to the role. Ten to fifteen years of similar or related experience is necessary. Expertise in strategic visioning, planning, and execution of strategic initiatives. Show a demonstrated relevant experience in building and sustaining relationships in partnership and expertise in leading multiple functional areas such as finance, accounting, and profitability. Possess both strategic and fiduciary financial management skills. Strong financial acumen, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills, including an understanding of strategic and operational planning, budgeting, accounting, profitability, asset/liability management, and balance sheet optimization. Competency to proactively develop merger and acquisition strategies. Possess positive influencing skills to bring others to new thinking and mindset. Advanced verbal and written communication skills. Proven high-level experience of decision-making within the discipline and authority of the role. Demonstrates embodied self-clarity and self-accountability as well as strong coaching skills for the development of others. Competence and executive presence to present at the board level and be in strategic and forward-thinking dialogue. Demonstrated employee development and coaching experience and outcomes.

Job Position Type
Application Deadline
Mar. 24, 2020