CEO Institute II: Organizational Effectiveness

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CUES is celebrating 25 years of partnering with some of the most prestigous schools in the world to bring you the best in talent development.In business, as in life, nothing happens in a vacuum. The solutions you and other leaders develop in response to challenges inevitably impact more people and departments than anticipated, no matter how well planned.

At CEO Institute II, you’ll explore the development of cross-functional awareness and aptitude. Reach beyond your area of expertise by involving cross-functional teams in your credit union’s planning process. Comprehensive sessions on change, negotiation, business process redesign, effective group study and performance, and the art of giving constructive feedback will transform the way you elicit support and implement change.

You’ll cover the following topics in depth:

  • Exploring the intense process of change
  • Negotiating for resources, business process redesign, building alliances and handling complex issues
  • How organizational change affects every area of your credit union
  • New techniques to examine your organization’s ability to formulate, implement and guide change
  • Testing new strategies for organizational change and business processes
  • Human resources—your most valuable asset

Following CEO Institute II, you’ll apply what you learned about change management to your credit union in a hands-on, post segment assignment.

Why Attend?

When you attend:

  • You’ll be joining a unique and tightly allied fellowship of credit union leaders, making you part of a powerful network of successful professionals.  
  • Your credit union will benefit directly, from the post-segment assignment of completing a change management project specific to your organization.
  • CEO Institute’s curriculum was developed specifically for credit unions.
  • Every faculty member is a professor at Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.
  • Faculty members have personally developed the programs themselves.
  • Many esteemed faculty members are there for their students even after graduation, offering another level of support.
  • You’ll earn up to 37 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits each week.
  • Participants who successfully complete all required elements of the program will be awarded the prestigious Certified Chief Executive (CCE) designation.


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