John Pembroke Catalyst for Change

DEI Award winner 2023

Award Overview

CUES is set to recognize and celebrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of credit unions through the John Pembroke Catalyst for Change Award. This award is named after former CUES President/CEO John Pembroke, a progressive and inspiring leader. As a mentor and advocate of a people-first philosophy, he encouraged and supported the employees at CUES, guiding the team to reach their individual and collective potential. He worked to evolve CUES into an industry thought leader, and made diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority throughout the entire organization.

This annual award will go to a credit union that has demonstrated sustained support for advancing DEI in their workplace, raised awareness of workplace diversity and inclusion issues, been a catalyst for change regarding workplace DEI, and/or supported positive change within the industry, their organization, or their community. 

About the Scholarship

This award is supported by the John Pembroke Scholarship fund. Learn more about scholarship details and how to donate.

Who is Eligible?

Candidate credit unions must:

  • Be a current CUES member during the nomination year
  • Have demonstrated sustained support for raising awareness of, and subsequently advancing, DEI initiatives in their workplace, community, and/or the credit union industry.
  • Not have received this recognition previously 

This award is bestowed at the discretion of the CUES Board of Directors, subject to criteria requested on the proposed nominee. *Current CUES board members are not eligible for this award


Applications are closed for the 2024 CUES John Pembroke Catalyst for Change Award.


What Does the Winner Receive?

Prizes include: 

  • Comped registration to CEO Institute I 
  • Trophy 
  • Interview with CUES CEO Heather McKissick 
  • Sponsored award celebration 
  • CUES social media feature 
  • $500 to the charity of your choice 



If you have any additional questions please reach out to

Meet the Winners

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