CUES Distinguished Director

2023 Distinguished Director Award Winner Scott Burt

Award Overview

CUES Distinguished Director honors strong volunteers whose achievements have strengthened their credit union.

Who is Eligible?

Candidates must:

  • Be a current CUES Director member.
  • Be nominated by a current CUES member
  • Have rendered exceptional service and/or made outstanding contributions to strengthen their credit union and/or the industry
  • Not have received this recognition previously


Applications are closedfor the 2024 Distinguished Director Award.


What Does the Winner Receive?

Prizes include: 

  • Comped registration to CUES Director’s Conference 
  • Trophy 
  • Feature article in CU Management Magazine 
  • Interview with CUES CEO Heather McKissick 
  • Sponsored award celebration 
  • CUES social media feature 
  • $500 to the charity of your choice 



If you have any additional questions please email

Meet the Winners

View current and past Distinguished Director Award winners.

Distinguished Director Award Winners