David R. Schneider

David R. Schneider headshot
David R. Schneider
Senior Lecturer, Master of Engineering Programs Director for Systems Engineering
Cornell Engineering

David R. Schneider graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in chemical engineering in 1999, attended Columbia University Film M.F.A. Program in 2001, and earned his Master’s and Ph.D. from Cornell University in mechanical engineering with a concentration in controls & dynamics in 2007. David has taught at both Cornell and Columbia University. His most prominent research is his creation of the G*TA (G-Star-T-A) task allocation algorithm and his work as program manager of the Cornell RoboFlag program, with notable applications including AFRL UAV controls and NASA/NOAA unmanned boat designs. With a strong focus on education, David's endeavors have included the creation of the Cornell Cup: Innovative Embedded Design National Competition with co-founder Intel and now primary sponsor Arm; leading Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD); and the broader impacts video game creation for the NSF Expeditions in Computing Grant on Computational Sustainability.

As Director of M.Eng. Studies for Cornell Systems Engineering, David also created the first experience in the world recognized by the systems engineering professional society INCOSE as knowledge exam equivalent, and the only person to have created now two experiences earning this honor. Additionally, David created and runs the systems engineering courses for Lockheed Martin’s largest Engineering Leadership Development program.

David has led the efforts to make Cornell the first university to officially partner with Make: and is a leader in the Higher Education Maker Alliance working with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. He has also led with Make: the re-creation of the national entrepreneurial competition "Pitch Your Prototype" and is a leading faculty member behind the American Society of Engineering Education, Community Engaged Division Film Festival national competition. David was also a screenwriter for Walt Disney Attractions Television Production.