Dr. Nancy Herbert

Dr. Nancy Herbert headshot
Dr. Nancy Herbert
CEO and Founder
Boardroom Sage, LLC

Dr. Nancy Herbert’s experience as a board director for over 24 entities, combined with her research and recent Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership, have given rise to her unique expertise as a board sage. In Colorado, Dr. Herbert served a four-year term as an elected municipal official, and was as school district administrator where she directed communications, public relations, and national award winning school-business partnership programs. She also represented the school district as a speaker, trainer and facilitator for business, community, and employee groups for over 17 years. Based on her passion for community volunteerism and activism, she served as a board director or board chair for a wide range of differing agencies, such as business, education, government, and non-profit. 

Dr. Herbert has served as a board director, governance and nominating chair, secretary, vice-chair, or board chair for two credit unions in Colorado. Her distinctive research, a qualitative multiple case study, explored the experience and perceptions of female board members on majority male credit union boards of directors. Her work as board advisor, speaker, facilitator, or seminar lecturer, includes new empirical data and research-based recommendations revealed in her study. 

Recently Dr. Herbert augmented her leadership expertise with Oxford University’s Women’s Leadership Development certification. Her current effort to provide support for boards of directors is as CEO/Founder of the Boardroom Sage, LLC, a coaching/consulting business with a focus on board governance.