Julia Patrick

Julia Patrick headshot
CEO and Co-Founder
American Nonprofit Academy

As the Founder of the American Nonprofit Academy, Julia sees the passion and dedication of service organizations daily. A multigenerational philanthropist, board member and volunteer, the CEO has been involved with community service since childhood. 

Julia, a native of Phoenix, Arizona has served on both cultural and social service boards. She has worked with more than 500 nonprofit organizations during her career. Prior to establishing the American Nonprofit Academy, Julia published award-winning niche publications such as The Arts and Crafts Chronicle, The Wedding Chronicle, Food & Flourish, and Frontdoors News over a 25 year span. Julia’s work with nonprofits led her to realize these organizations were desperate for cost-effective training and topic-specific education.

This is where the American Nonprofit Academy comes in. Using engaging panel discussions, lectures, online courses and workshops, with highly respected experts, Julia and her team have developed innovative low-cost programs focused on educating nonprofits. 

American Nonprofit Academy training offers wide ranging and thought-provoking topics. The Nonprofit Board Boot Camp moves board members through a fast-paced course on leadership, stewardship and governance. Individual workshops include subjects covering donor relations, marketing, communications, accounting, human resource management, real estate, event planning, auctions, donor demographics, naming rights and even social venture management.