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Welcome to CUES Director Education Center! These interactive learning pathways are designed to help support and enhance your knowledge as a board member. All sections and courses are continually updated to insure the most reliable and up-to-date information is available.

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A History of Credit Unions 1 module

This training module will provide an understanding of the historical development of credit unions, the value the credit unions bring to their community, the credit union difference and various challenges and opportunities credit unions face.

The Role and Responsibilities of Board Committees and Task Forces 4 modules

These training modules will help you and your colleagues more effectively utilize committees to perform the work of the board without crossing the line between governance and management. 

The Role of the Board in Recruiting, Compensating and Assessing the CEO 3 modules

These modules provide support around the board responsibility in hiring the CEO, developing a competitive compensation package, overseeing the CEO’s overall efforts, and ultimately assessing the CEO’s performance.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Credit Union Board 4 modules

These modules explore the board’s core governance and leadership responsibilities in helping to establish the credit union’s vision, mission and strategic goals; oversee the credit union’s performance; as well as hire, constructively partner with, and evaluate the CEO. 

Understanding Credit Union Financial Statements 4 modules

These training modules provide an overview of the credit union financial statements for board members to effectively participate in the governance and strategic direction of the organization.

The Role of the Board in Reporting to the Membership 3 modules

These modules will help understand the role of the board in transparently reporting to members about how the credit union is operating and being governed, as well as how the board and management are maintaining the safety and soundness of the members’ assets.

The Role of the Board in Establishing an Effective Risk Management Framework 3 modules

This training module covers the various approaches to risk management, analyzes the steps involved in managing risk and explores the board’s role in the risk management process.

*The Bank Secrecy Act and The Role of the Board 3 modules

These modules provide an overview and education on the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 and the awareness board members need to ensure proper compliance. 

The Role of the Board in Monitoring Performance 2 modules

These modules describe your board’s and management’s roles in monitoring performance and steering the credit union toward achieving its strategic objectives.

Delegation of Board Authority to Management 2 modules

These training modules enable both seasoned and new directors to see the proper delegation of certain types of board authority is a natural course for ensuring the effective governance of a contemporary credit union. 

The Role of the Board in Strategic Relationships and Mergers 3 modules

These training modules will help assist you and your colleagues to better appreciate a number of the core issues related to each of these increasingly important paths to mission success. 

Recruitment, Election and Orientation of New Board Members 3 modules

These modules will help identify some of the key competencies that are desirable in a potential new member, how to identify and recruit prospective board members, conduct a fair election, provide an effective board orientation program and evaluate new board members’ performance.

The Role of the Board in Strategic Planning 3 modules

These modules will explore how your credit union board can work in constructive partnership with management to develop, adopt and implement an effective strategic plan that provides sustained guidance in a complex and quickly-changing operating environment. 

Asset Liability Management 5 modules

These modules provide best practices to optimize performance, offering an understanding of liquidity solution and interest rate risk management.

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