CUES eVote in Canada

CUES eVote in Canada

The next time a board election, merger or bylaw vote or membership survey is looming at your credit union, simply turn to CUES eVote, the highly secure, easy-to-use electronic voting and survey solution.

Why use CUES eVote? 

CUES eVote has managed over 100 elections for Canadian credit unions since 2015. And, with the current shift in technology platforms across the country, CUES saw over a dozen new users of eVote in Canada in 2020. In total, eVote has hosted more than 100 elections for Canadian credit unions.

Taras Nohas, MBA, ICD.D
Senior Vice President Strategy and Governance
Servus Credit Union
asset size — $1.4 billion
Our organization worked with the CUES eVote team on our board of director elections again this year and we are very pleased. The CUES team is knowledgeable and responsive and willing to work closely with our credit union to help make the election process go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Transparency, accountability and responsiveness are key and CUES delivers. I would highly recommend CUES eVote to others.

We’re often asked, “Is My Data Secure?” 

We take many steps to assure you that your data remains secure. 

Our servers employ enhanced security features to simultaneously protect the integrity of your data and ensure one vote per member. 

Plus, CUES collects only the data we need for voting, and nothing more. Once your vote is closed, your data is permanently deleted from our servers, and you’ll receive a certificate of deletion from us.

Learn more about CUES eVote, including our data security features, by completing the interest form, below. 


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More about CUES eVote 

CUES eVote offers: 

  • Hybrid elections—choose any combination of paper, phone or online balloting
  • Customization—your bylaws, your time line and your needs govern the work CUES does for you
  • A state-of-the-art platform including sign-on with online banking, candidate rotation, and voting confirmation certificates
  • Access to voter behavior and turnout trends, and targeted “get-out-the-vote” campaigns
  • Increased security options—eVote’s security is so tight, attempted fraud has been detected and stopped
  • Synchronized vote tallying to ensure one vote per member
  • Concierge service—staff and member questions are handled by CUES’ courteous and knowledgeable staff
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Mobile compatibility
  • A unique director education feature to help your board members take on their role with confidence

A Proven Track Record
Since 2015, CUES eVote has held 300+ credit union elections

  • 97% of CUES eVote elections are board of director elections
  • 63% of CUES eVote credit unions return for other voting events
  • 41% of CUES eVote credit unions have held four or more elections with CUES
  • Each of our two longest credit union clients have held 13 voting events with CUES eVote
  • You’ll benefit from 16 years of election experience thanks to CUES election team, who is at your disposal to offer concierge-level service