CUES State of Credit Union Training and Development Report

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A Report on the CUES Talent Development Survey

CUES launched its first-ever talent development survey among credit union CEOs, executives and HR managers in the spring of 2020 and repeated the survey in 2021. The questionnaire, administered by Acuitim Marketing Research and Consulting, was designed to achieve the following research objectives:

  • Understand the most challenging aspects of talent development at credit unions.
  • Survey how credit union leaders plan to address those challenges and how they self-assess their progress in addressing their aims.
  • Evaluate alignment of the strategic plan with talent development needs.
  • Gauge alignment between the workforce and the credit unions’ current and future needs.
  • Ascertain what skills need to be developed for the next wave of leaders.

Again in 2023, credit union leaders told us that attracting, advancing and retaining talent is their most pressing issue. This year’s report addresses key findings from the Talent Development Survey and offers 5 solutions to overcome talent challenges in your organization.

As talent continues to be the ultimate differentiator in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world, talent development has emerged as a pivotal foundation for driving organizational success. Download a copy of the Talent Development Survey report and establish talent development as an organizational priority and part of your mission.

CUES is here to help you develop your credit union. We are 100% focused on credit union development and we can help you deep end your bench strength and grow trained, strategic-thinking professionals at all levels or your organization. Email us at – we’re here to help you identify a plan to address talent strategy.

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