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CUES is pleased to bring Harvard ManageMentor to our Unlimited and Unlimited+ members! 

You’ll find easy access to over 40 courses covering essential business topics, offering your credit union an easy way to invest in your management and leadership development. We hope you and your team will take full advantage of this on-demand learning and performance support resource from Harvard Business Publishing, the author of Harvard Business Review. 

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CUES Harvard ManageMentor Course Catalog


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Course Topics

Business person walking up stairs

Career Management

Discover how to create a fulfilling career path.
"Ethics" and "Honesty" engraved on gears

Ethics at Work

Discover how to cultivate integrity in the workplace.
Young man giving a presentation

Presentation Skills

Build the confidence you need to give an effective presentation.
Young woman relaxing at her computer

Stress Management

Learn how managing stress can make your team stronger.
Sand timer

Time Management

Learn how to manage your time more effectively.
Person thinking with notebook and computer

Writing Skills

Learn how to communicate clearly and concisely.
Older professional woman coaching younger professional woman


Support your team with highly effective coaching skills.
Watering can watering business people growing out of flower pots

Developing Employees

Promote rich learning experiences and help your team grow.
Professionals in a conference room arguing

Difficult Interactions

Learn to manage difficult interactions.
Multicolored fingerprints

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Foster inclusivity, and recruit and retain a diverse team.
Two young coworkers having a conversation in a modern office

Feedback Essentials

Make effective feedback part of your team’s routine.
Businessperson holding glowing globe

Global Collaboration

Build trust between global team members.
Three business professionals on the top of a mountain

Leading People

Learn keys to becoming an effective and inspiring leader.
Series of interconnected webs

Leveraging Your Networks

Create an effective network and improve your interpersonal skills.
Professional with his arms crossed

Managing Your Boss

Explores ways to resolve differences without losing focus on business priorities.
Virtual meeting

Meeting Management

Plan and manage meetings that make the best use of your time.
Business people providing feedback

Performance Appraisal

Discover ways to provide ongoing feedback and recognize employee achievements.
Businesspeople having a conversation

Persuading Others

Explore the art and science of effective persuasion.
Team of businesspeople working together.

Team Management

Learn to create an effective team.
Discover how to attract, hire, develop, and keep talented people.

Attracting and Cultivating Talent

Discover how to attract, hire, develop, and keep talented people.
Jar of coins with plant growing out


Make the most of your resources with smart budgeting.
People working on a business case

Business Case Development

Learn to create and present a compelling business case.
Coworkers working on business plan

Business Plan Development

Explore ways to showcase your ideas and make them a reality.
Fish jumping from one fishbowl to the next

Change Management

Learn to navigate change and turn uncertainty into opportunity.
Person stopping dominoes from falling

Crisis Management

Discover best practices to navigate crises.
Circling customers on whiteboard

Customer Focus

Identify your key members and learns ways to improve their experiences.
Business person choosing a path

Decision Making

Learn effective decision-making skills.
Person in the middle pointing at other people


Decide what to delegate and how to effectively communicate assignments.
person with digital symbols

Digital Intelligence

Discover the key capabilities you and your team need to succeed in a world driven by ever-changing technology.
Calculator, budgets, money

Finance Essentials

Learn to interpret financial statements, create a budget, and invest wisely.
Dart hitting bullseye

Goal Setting

Learn to set the right goals to boost your team’s results.
Person holding glowing lightbulb

Innovation and Creativity

Learn to overcome barriers to innovation.
hands building lightbulb

Innovation Implementation

Transform your idea into a new product, service, or process.
Phone, computer, megaphone

Marketing Essentials

Learn to create an effective marketing strategy.
Professionals negotiating a business deal


Learn to effectively prepare for and conduct a negotiation.
Two individuals looking at charts and metrics on a computer

Performance Measurement

Learn to gauge progress through effective performance measurement.
Gears turning to makeup lightbulb

Process Improvement

Discover ways you and your team can be at your most productive.
Person organizing project deadlines

Project Management

Learn effective project management skills.
chess pieces

Strategic Thinking

Discover how strategic thinking adds value.
Person looking at wall of ideas

Strategy Planning and Execution

Understand how your organization sets itself apart from its competitors.
Sharpening Your Business Acumen

Sharpening Your Business Acumen

Learn business and finance basics, and develope an enterprise mindset.