Councils Officers Toolkit

Your CUES Team for help:

Jimese Harkley -   VP of Membership:
Direct Line: 608.288.5338

  • Event planning
  • Council marketing & branding
  • Supplier Sponsorship
  • Board meeting liaison
  • General council questions
  • Scheduling

LinkedIn Group

CUES Council officers are encouraged to join the LinkedIn group created specifically for them. Ask each other questions and exchange ideas and tools through this online resource. Please join and enjoy communicating you’re your fellow officers!


  • Council Bylaws
  • Reporting Guidelines
  • UBIT
  • Tax Filing Information for All Councils
    • The IRS has passed regulations that will affect Council tax filings. Organizations with less than $50,000 in average revenue during the past three years will need to fill out a 990-N e-postcard.

Position Descriptions

Sample Forms

Please feel free to modify the sample forms below to fit your individual Council's needs.

Determine What Type of Meeting to Hold

CUES can survey your members and ask them what they want! For example:

  • Do they prefer an educational session only?
  • How important is networking?
  • Do they prefer a golf outing instead of a reception?
  • Do they prefer a luncheon or a full-day meeting with a variety of speakers and topics?
  • What’s the best day of the week to hold a meeting?
  • How frequently do they want to meet?

CUES will work with you and your board to determine the appropriate survey questions to ask. Members complete the survey online, and the results are available immediately after the deadline. Contact to get started!

Coordinate Meeting Responsibilities

The most effective and efficient way to coordinate the planning and organizing of a meeting is to divide the responsibilities among all board members. You can also form committees comprised of other CUES members, or non-CUES members, who are willing to give their time and/or expertise to help. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce people to the Council, and also aids in succession planning.

Request Email and Address Lists

To request a list of CUES members, and/or non-members, in your Council region please contact

Work with Sponsors

To attract sponsors to your events, produce a print or email marketing piece and send it to local suppliers, or just contact the sponsors you want at your meeting directly. It’s generally best to approach a marketing or sales manager about opportunities with your Council.

When seeking out potential sponsors look to the CUES Directory of Suppliers, or ask the suppliers who currently work with your credit union. For additional information on how to attract sponsors, or to get sponsorship ideas, contact Kari Sweeney, supplier relations manager, at 800.252.2664, or 608.271.2664, ext. 326.

Increase CUES Membership in Your Council

Your Council could sponsor CUES Memberships for two or three executives from smaller asset size credit unions. Or, ask CUES for three-month trial memberships to give meeting attendees who are not currently CUES members.