Chief Financial Officer

NextMark Credit Union

Fairfax, VA


Position Description

This is an exciting opportunity for a chief financial officer (CFO) at NextMark Credit Union with succession possibility. The CFO has duo strategic and operational responsibilities. First, you create strategies and scenarios to manage the financial, risk, investment and borrowing needs to ensure maximum earning potential and maintain liquidity requirements. Second, you are responsible for the card services accounting departments and their effective performance and deliverables.
This role is responsible for generating and interpreting financial data to create projections that aid in strategic decision making by the board of directors and the CEO. As the CFO for this well run $500 million in assets financial institution, you have responsibility for the Card Services and Accounting departments, monitoring the investment portfolio and activities, asset/liability management, capital management, liquidity, and purchases and sales of investments. The board and CEO will make decisions based on the monthly financial reports and forecasts, risk management projections, and liquidity positions. You will partner with the CEO in defining the strategic financial goals and budget and work with department vice presidents in developing their budgets.
You will add value through your recommendations for efficiencies and enhancements to business resumption planning and testing. Stay current on financial trends, conduct scenario testing, and make recommendations. Additionally, the CFO oversees accounting, budgeting, facility, audit, tax, purchasing, and insurance activities. The CFO also serves as a member of the ALM Committee.
A bachelor’s degree and a professional certificate or a graduate degree in business administration, finance, or accounting is required for candidates to be considered for the role. A CPA is preferred. The ability to motivate or influence others is a material part of the job, requiring a significant level of diplomacy and trust. Obtaining cooperation, internally and externally, is an important part of the job and a high level of interpersonal skills is critical to success. Work frequently involves contact with coworkers, peers, and vendor or business partners requiring considerable discussion of problems, material presentations, and resolving issues impacting departments. Excellent analytical skills, people skills, and self-direction. The ability to work within deadlines and under pressure is essential.

Job Position Type
Application Deadline
Apr. 10, 2020