South Bay Credit Union

Redondo Beach, CA


Position Description

Are We the Company For You?
South Bay Credit Union ($110M; Redondo Beach, Cali.) has a history of attracting and developing top leaders. When you attract talent with high aspirations, you know they’ll be recruited to move on and new opportunities will emerge. Are you ready to make this role your big opportunity?

South Bay Credit Union is not just any financial institution and we aren’t looking for just any President/CEO. We need a leader who is motivated by community, who is savvy about leadership, and who is willing to fail. Yes! You read that right. As one of the industry’s most progressive credit unions, this Board of Directors takes chances for great innovation, knowing not every idea will work. The culture inspires people to try, to learn, and to move forward. Through candid communication and strategic collaboration, the credit unions stays committed to innovation that is critical to long-term relevance and community impact. Our next President/CEO will share this philosophy and continue building this empowering environment for the team, the Board, and the community.

Is This the Career For You?
If you believe in always rising to the next challenge, in dreaming big about what is possible, and in measuring success primarily by the impact you make, you might be the CEO we are looking for. You will thrive in an environment that asks you to lead, to educate, and to influence using co-action rather than coercion. You will bring management experience, strong communication skills, and business and financial acumen that inspire a team, position you to collaborate with a Board, and help you navigate regulatory relationships. Your inspiration will come from bringing this all together to develop and implement innovative solutions that improve our community and meets members’ financial needs.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other.
We look forward to learning about you and invite you to submit a cover letter that tells us why you’re the right choice to lead us forward. It should demonstrate your passion for community; your aspirations for growth; and the leadership savvy you have gained through supervising a team, interacting with a Board of Directors, and serving on an executive team.

Your resume should show you hold a bachelor’s degree, at least 5 years of senior management experience (preferably at a credit union), and a track record of developing and launching innovative solutions in financial services. It should also provide information about leadership roles where you have been called to serve (Boards, committees, task forces).

How to Apply

For immediate consideration go to WWW.OROURKECONSULT.COM. Email resume and salary requirements to ESEARCH@OROURKECONSULT.COM. Phone 800.394.1918; Fax 650.589.8749.

Job Position Type
Application Deadline
May. 29, 2020